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Garage Doors Greensboro

Dec 16

Do you have a dream of installing a garage door or garage door opener on your own? Home repair projects that you can do yourself are very popular with homeowners.

It is possible to achieve the same quality with a DIY garage doors installation kit as a skilled professional like garagedoor repair durham. This is everything you need to know.


It is possible to be injured by using a DIY kit for installing a garage door or opener. To avoid injury, everyone must follow safety precautions. You may not have the tools or skills to correctly construct or install a garage door.

Here are some disadvantages to installing your garage door yourself.

  • Did you know that DIY garage door installation causes over 1600 injuries each year? Do it yourself garage doors can pose a danger to your safety. Garage doors weigh in at around 400 pounds. They are supported by a 1000-pound pressure spring that lifts and lowers them. Only a professional can ensure that your garage door is safely installed.

  • You will need to have the right tools and knowledge. A standard DIY installation kit should include a cordless drill, level, and socket/ratchet sets. These tools can be rented or purchased from local hardware stores if you are not a skilled handyman.

  • The price is the same as hiring a professional. Homeowners may opt for do-it-yourself garage doors to save money. Do-it-yourself projects are usually cheaper than hiring a professional. The job might end up costing you more than hiring professionals if you consider the cost of materials, tools, and training.


A professional garage door installation can provide many long-term benefits, including increased security. Professionals can install all components according to industry and manufacturer safety standards. Professional garage door installers will give you high-quality service and simple installation to ensure that your investment lasts.

Here are some of the main reasons to hire a professional garage door installation company:

  • Professional installers can sell, install and repair high-quality doors. Your garage door system will last for many years. They will also guarantee that you will get future service and a warranty. These guarantees are not available if you install your garage door yourself.

  • Because they are experts in the industry, professional garage door technicians can install your doors flawlessly. You can save so much time if you hire a professional to install your garage door.

  • Advanced degrees for professionals: Experts who deal with garage doors every day can offer expert advice and information. It is easy to underestimate how important it is to correctly and securely install garage doors and counterweight systems. You can rely on professionals to help you complete your project safely and without injury.


Installing a garage opener by yourself is dangerous, just as it is to hire someone to do so. Although it might seem cheaper to buy an opener at a hardware store or home improvement shop and have it installed yourself, or hire someone to do it, you'll almost always end up spending more.

Professional garage door installers will have the best openers and will be able to complete the installation quickly and correctly on the first attempt.