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The Issues with Leaking Commercial roofs

Apr 20


Cadillac Roofing company is the best option for roof leak repairs No DIY skills are required. Your roof is essential to the well-being of your tenants as well as your the health of your business. Toronto commercial roofing can solve any leak issues that you may have. If the leak isn't treated, small holes could turn into large open spaces for water to get into your commercial structure. This could lead to expensive repairs to the structure and roof. Whatever type commercial space you own whether it's retail, office or residential the satisfaction of your tenants is contingent on the health of your roof. Let's look at the most common problems that impact commercial roofing systems.

7 issues that could result from Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and the growth of mould

Water is , without doubt, the most significant risk for roofing systems. However, there are other dangers. If water sits on the roof and not dried it, it will cause mildew and mould that can cause respiratory issues if breathed in. The leak in your roof is a petri dish. It requires air, water and food to expand at a rapid rate. The roof's peak provides the water, and the indoor conditions supply the air mould requires. Anything from drywall to carpet, can become the food source for the mould. Find the best concord roofing company for your requirements.


Wood Rot

Wood rot is a result of when wood is exposed to pressure from water and mould. The rot of wood could cause structural damage to the roofing system and increase the risk to collapse. When the damages are severe enough that it is not repairable then a roof rip-off may be required to eliminate any trusses or rafters. This will guarantee the structural integrity of the roof. Don't be embarrassed about selecting a roofing contractor in Concord , CA.


Damaged insulation

If the roof is leaking, it could put your insulation in danger. It's as simple as this water falls on insulation and causes it to shrink the air pockets created by insulation to reduce the loss of heat. If the air pockets become flattened, the insulation will stop functioning exactly as it is supposed to. This can lead to the loss of heat and can result in the cost of utility bills to be high.

Fire Hazards

Oil and water don't mix. Water and electricity can cause fire dangers. The water that seeps through the roof can result in damage to the wiring that is required to provide power to the structure. When this happens exposed wiring can be utilized to start the fire. If you're experiencing major issues, you should find a roofing company near me.


Slip Hazards

The water that seeps out of the roof will eventually get to the floor. The water that leaks into your building can cause Puddles on your floors. Water that is not treated can lead to slips and falls , which can cause injuries or loss of time for employees. Also, it can affect the quality of your tenants and their lives.


Roof Integrity compromised

Even the strongest commercial roofing systems are vulnerable to water. Water can cause a variety of issues. Take a moment to think about the foundations of your structure. The foundation is the place the place where water flows down the side of your building and causes damages. Commercial buildings could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix when they aren't taken seriously.


Inefficiency in energy

This article has covered insulation and the loss of key elements of air bubbles that hinder heat transfer. The cost of utility will increase if you consume more energy. In time, you might find yourself heating your home outside. This is another factor to take into consideration when looking at your efficiency in energy use. You're making more use of energy than you require, which could cause climate change due to the rising emission of fossil fuel emissions to the atmosphere.



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