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What Should Be Cleaned Daily in Your House?

Sep 13

What Should be Cleaned Daily in Your House

Cleaning the toilet is not the only task to be done on a daily basis. The kitchen sink and countertops need to be cleaned as well. Doorknobs also require regular cleaning. Here are some tips to make cleaning easier: allocate certain days for certain areas, start at the top of the list, clean until the timer goes off, and then pick up where you left off the next day.

Cleaning sponges

If you don't regularly clean your sponges, you could be harboring millions of bacteria. According to the U.S. Food Code, you should wash them on a hot cycle and dry them on a high setting. Also, you should avoid using a sponge to clean up spills, since it increases the risk of spreading dangerous foodborne pathogens. In these cases, it's best to use a disinfectant wipe or paper towel instead. If your sponge starts to smell, discard it right away.

In addition to washing your sponge daily, you should sanitize it regularly. Bacteria love damp, so you should make sure you wring out every last bit of moisture after using it. Also, sponges shouldn't be left damp for too long, as this will allow bacteria to grow. Another important step in cleaning your sponge is to use a specialized sponge holder.

Cleaning kitchen countertops

Regardless of material, cleaning kitchen countertops daily is important to preserve their appearance and protect your investment. Luckily, there are many inexpensive methods to clean your counter tops that are safe for you and the environment. One of them is to use a diluted vinegar solution. This can be mixed with warm water and a cleaning cloth.

The right cleaning materials will depend on the materials you have in your home. You should use those materials that are recommended for your particular countertop. The Home Depot is a great place to purchase these materials. You can use their mobile app to easily search for products and check inventory.

Cleaning sink

Cleaning your sink daily is an important part of keeping it sparkling and sanitary. You can clean your sink with a simple soap and water mixture by scrubbing it thoroughly with a sponge. It is important to also remove any remnants of food. You can also use an eraser sponge to remove stains and marks.

The sinks in your house can become cluttered and dirty due to dirty dishes and food particles from cutting boards. You can avoid these problems by washing them daily with an everyday dish soap or natural cleaners like baking soda or vinegar. You can also clean your sink by using a good scrub brush. The sink edges and hard-to-reach places can trap germs and buildup.

Cleaning doorknobs

Many people forget to clean the doorknobs in their house. Fortunately, it's easy to clean them with a few simple ingredients. Simply use a microfiber cloth and a mixture of water and dish soap. Wipe the doorknob with the solution and allow it to dry.

When cleaning doorknobs, focus on areas that are most touched by people. The front and back doors are obvious candidates, but don't forget the closet doors, bathroom doors, microwaves, refrigerators, and pulls on kitchen cabinet doors. The best way to keep these areas clean is to use a daily cleaning routine.

Cleaning floors

Keeping floors clean is one of the most difficult tasks for a homeowner, especially if you have pets or small children. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to keep your floors looking fresh and clean. The first step is to vacuum your floors, then use a microfiber dry mop to pick up dust and dirt. Try to clean your floors at least once a day, and twice a week if you can tolerate it.

Another important task to do is sweeping the floors. This helps remove dirt and debris that can be damaging to floor boards. Sweeping floors at least once a day is ideal, particularly in high-traffic areas. You can also use a broom or dustpan to sweep the corners of your floors. For heavy-duty cleaning, consider purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning bathroom fixtures

There are many ways of cleaning bathroom fixtures and the bathroom sink. First, you can make a paste by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with distilled water. Once you have created this paste, you can scrub the fixtures with a microfiber cloth. You can also wrap a rubber band around a spatula and use that as a scrubbing tool. However, you should avoid applying too much pressure, as this can damage the fixtures.

You should also regularly clean bathroom accessories. Having gleaming bathroom fixtures will improve the appearance of your bathroom and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, keeping these accessories clean will also help you feel more comfortable in your bathroom. Get more bathroom cleaning tips at