Is Normanton Park a Good Buy?

Normanton Park Review

is normanton park a good buy

Is Normanton Park a good buy? The answer may surprise you, but it will most certainly simplify the complex issues that surround this little slice of Singapore green city. One of the great things about this neighborhood is that it offers some extremely nice properties at incredibly reasonable prices. In fact, you could say that most of these units are to sell and lease back situations, which essentially meanas that you can finance them without putting yourself at great risk.


On the surface, the sale and rent back option of these units represent the most attractive alternative to buying single family homes in desirable locations. You’ll get an incredible value for money as soon as you walk through the doors of one of these units, and you’ll enjoy access to some of the most spectacular views in the entire city. With all of the amenities that accompany interlace development, such as energy efficient appliances, high speed internet, and swimming pools, you’d be hard pressed not to consider this as a winning situation for you and your family.


However, is Normanton Park Kingsford a good buy? It’s not only a great buy in terms of price (which should make you smile every time you see it advertised), but it’s also an ideal location. It’s smack dab in the middle of what is arguably the hottest real estate market in the country. The north end of the Singapore area, with Great Southern Waterfront, is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. These booming south end neighborhoods are seeing a steady influx of new condominium units. As the south goes on, higher-priced condos also become available there. Check out Normanton Park price.


Because of this, many of these prospective residents are looking for some way to obtain affordable housing. In order to do so, they’re looking for houses in less affluent surroundings. If you look at what’s available on the market now in the greater one-north area, you’ll find that it is perfectly situated to meet this demand. There are a number of factors that make Normanton Park a great place to live. While many of the area’s residents are busy professionals, there is still plenty to do in terms of entertainment and relaxation.


One of the biggest draws is the fact that there are both single family dwellings and condominium units. In addition to the greater one-North area, there is a vibrant, real estate market on the waterfront, including a number of high-rise luxury condominiums. Many of the site area’s units are within walking distance of the convenient school and a variety of shopping options.


For those who love the idea of living in the center of action, the greater one-North area offers what is known as the “millennium rail link”. This is a train line that will link the commuter rail from the city’s airport to the downtown core. It’s hoped that this new connection, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year, will increase the level of connectivity between the two areas. Not only is this great for commuters, but it also means that there will be more opportunities for buyers to get closer to the activities that they want. If the millenariat can be located close enough to these important employment and retail hubs, then there is a real chance that they will be able to justify the purchase of a condo in the greater one-North region.


As the region moves forward, there are a number of new projects that are being planned or already in the planning stages. One example is the building of what is called the Kent Ridge Light Blue Station. The name of the project comes from the old indigenous tribe who inhabit the area. The Kent Ridge Light Blue is a big stadium where sports events are regularly held and where, according to the developers, a large number of tourists will likely visit. The stadium is part of a plan to create a series of business parks in the greater one-North area, which they hope will bolster the economy in the area.


Other plans underway include the creation of a brand new high-rise apartment building at the northern end of the mall, which is being designed to have mixed-use architecture. There is also a plan to remodel the old General Motors storefront at the corner of the mall and revamp the Kmart store at the eastern end. Both stores are closed now, but they will remain closed while the developers finalize the design and construction plans for the mixed-use buildings. If these plans are anything to go by, the soon-to-be renovated Kmart will feature a combination of retail and restaurant space, and the much-awaited replacement for the Paya Lebar light blue station is almost ready to begin.

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