Greg Abbott Says Texas Can’t Shoot Migrants Because Killing Is Illegal!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently expressed dissatisfaction with legislative restrictions that prevent the shooting of illegal border crossers. This contentious remark was made by Abbott during an interview on a radio show hosted by former NRA spokesman Dana Loesch.

The topic was Texas’ strict measures to stop illegal immigration across the southern border. Governor Abbott discussed his administration’s many initiatives, including the construction of a border wall, the installation of physical barriers in the Rio Grande, and the passage of legislation that criminalizes unlawful border crossings at the state level.

“The only thing that we’re not doing is shooting people who come across the border because, of course, the Biden administration would charge us with murder,” Abbott said. This remark provoked significant outrage, emphasizing the harsh nature of the Republican immigration stance.

This isn’t the first time such bold ideas have emerged. Former President Donald Trump is said to have recommended authorizing border police to shoot migrants in the legs, while his advisor, Stephen Miller, has discussed employing predator drones against migrant boats. These incidents illustrate a growing trend of anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation.

Greg Abbott Says Texas Can't Shoot Migrants Because Killing Is Illegal!

The new lawsuit filed by the Biden administration against Texas confuses matters even more. The complaint contends that a new Texas statute allowing local law enforcement to arrest migrants and judges to order deportations violates federal jurisdiction over border control.

Under international, federal, and state laws, shooting unarmed civilians, including migrants, is unequivocally illegal and constitutes murder. Abbott’s statement that fear of legal consequences is the main deterrent to such behavior is concerning and reflective of the current political climate around immigration concerns.

If former President Trump were to be reelected, there are concerns that these already contentious policies could intensify. Trump has hinted at broad executive powers to reshape American immigration, including mass deportations and the creation of detainment camps. Such developments could potentially erode the already fragile safeguards against harsh treatment of migrants.

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