Student shot in Miami-Dade High School parking lot after sports event

Miami police are investigating a shooting that injured a student in a parking lot at Miami Northwestern Senior High School on Thursday night.

A Local 10 News crew was outside the school at 1100 NW 71st St. on Friday morning while crime scene investigators were still scrutinizing the incident in the faculty parking lot.

Some detectives were observed picking up shot casings and putting them in evidence bags. There was also a backpack on the ground.

Police stated that they responded to the school after getting a ShotSpotter alarm on Thursday night and discovered one victim who had been shot.

A school district spokeswoman later verified to Local 10 that a pupil had been shot following a sporting event at the school.

“What I know is it was a fight or something and people got intense, and it was an intense game last night,” said Annex Jean, a student.

The injured person was sent to Jackson Memorial Hospital. His current condition has not been disclosed.

Student shot in Miami-Dade High School parking lot after sports event

No information about what led up to the shooting was immediately provided by police, however, students told Local 10 News reporter Liane Morejon that there was a basketball competition Thursday night between Northwestern and Miami Central High School.

One student stated that he heard there was a quarrel between two youngsters or two groups of kids that led to the shooting.

“It was just a basketball game,” stated Jean. “This should not have happened. We simply need to improve as individuals.”

According to sources familiar with the inquiry, the victim is 15 years old and was shot many times.

“I’m very disappointed seeing people shooting at a high school — like, it’s crazy,” sophomore Cameron Tremble said.

The parking lot was eventually cleared of two automobiles. The principal of the school informed parents about the shooting via a recorded phone message.

“The principal said it resulted in someone getting injured, and be aware that there will be a lot more school officers around the area,” sophomore Katherine Carballo said.

The school district’s spokesman did not clarify whether the pupil attends Northwestern or another school.

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