Trump’s ‘White House Senior Living’ commercial mocks Biden

Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden with a parody commercial showing the White House as a “senior living” facility where “residents feel like presidents.”

The parody TV advertisement, which was posted on Mr Trump’s Instagram page, had embarrassing photos of the current president at the beach and eating food, culminating with him taking a large bite off an ice cream cone.

A soft-spoken narrator advertises “delightful activities and outings” and “exquisite housemade meals” over clips of Mr Biden in the 30-second film.

The trolling film also features a clip from 2022 showing Mr Biden fumbling to put on his jacket while his aviator glasses fell off his face, with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, running up to assist him.

Trump's 'White House Senior Living' commercial mocks Biden

This ugly scene was layered on top of the narrator’s “around-the-clock professional care,” which is also available at “White House Senior Living.”

The former president has frequently made Mr Biden’s age the focus of his “comedic” skits and rants at rallies, grabbing at low-hanging fruit by dubbing him “Sleepy Joe.”

However, Mr Trump’s brutal 30-second film is not the first time that concerns about Mr Biden’s 81-year-old age have been expressed, with poll voters and politicians alike growing concerned about the president’s age.

While Mr. Biden would be 86 if re-elected, Mr. Trump may have forgotten his age when disparaging the “senior living” White House.

Mr. Biden is only three and a half years older than Mr. Trump, who is 77 years old.

Last year, polls suggested that both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump were too elderly for the presidency.

According to an August AP-NORC poll, 51% of US adults thought Mr Trump was too old. Mr. Biden, on the other hand, fared higher, with 77% of adults saying the same thing about the incumbent president.

Trump's 'White House Senior Living' commercial mocks Biden

Surprisingly, only 28% of Republicans thought Mr Trump’s elder age was an issue, whereas 69% of Democrats thought Mr Biden was too old.

The current First Lady defended her husband after his campaign was criticized for his age, saying it is only an “asset” to his presidency, bringing “wisdom” and “experience,” she said on Morning Joe on Thursday, a day before Mr Trump’s spoof advertisement was uploaded to his social media.

While Mr. Biden maintains the distinction of being the oldest person to occupy the presidency of the United States, Mr. Trump has his own record: he is the first former US president to face criminal charges.

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