Woman sees crocodile sunbathing at Fort Lauderdale condo complex

A resident of a Fort Lauderdale condo complex observed a crocodile lounging on a wharf.

On Monday, the reptile was spotted at the Bay Colony Club.

The woman who observed the crocodile called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help, but was informed no one could respond because it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“We have a crocodile and it is sitting on a floating dock here in Bay Colony Club,” Nicole Esperson, a local, said.

Neighbors brought out their phones to gaze at the animal, which was relaxing in the sun.

Woman sees crocodile sunbathing at Fort Lauderdale condo complex

“At 10 a.m. this morning, I saw a crowd of people down there and couldn’t believe it,” said Frank Colletti, a resident.

“I was taken aback. I wasn’t expecting to come down and see one of these men hanging out on the pier. But, you know, it’s South Florida. “It’s par for the course,” said Will Toldy, a local.

This area is no stranger to crocodiles. He was seen with a transponder on his back and a tag on his tail.

“Wild, wild, wild!” says the narrator. Unbelievable! It has an orange tag on it, so it is definitely tagged. Colletti stated, “I heard it was in Pompano Beach a couple of weeks ago at the Pompano Pier.”

Another Pompano Beach homeowner had a similar account regarding the crocodile.

“There was also the one by Pompano Pier that was found so I don’t know, maybe there is kind of correlation, or it’s the same one hanging out locally but definitely interesting,” Toldy went on to say.

Florida Fish and Wildlife has been notified. They will be out on the dock on Tuesday to determine whether or not the crocodile observed on the Pompano Pier is the same one.

However, as residents await officials, they urge that people stay safe and keep their distance.

“Be careful, and keep your distance from him.” We’re concerned about little dogs walking on the dock. “We sent out an email to residents asking them not to walk their dogs on the dock, but we’d like to see him swim away and go to another canal,” Esperson added.

“Definitely out of here as soon as possible, ASAP,” Colletti remarked.

“As long as everyone maintains their distance and let him do his thing, everyone else does their thing, life goes on,” Toldy added.

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