Trump’s plans for Dictatorship revealed in Iowa Speech: “For four years and beyond”

The former president of the United States reaffirmed his plans to establish a dictatorship if he wins the 2024 election, assuring Iowans that he will have “a lot to say about the presidency for four years and beyond.”

Former US President Donald Trump has stated that if he wins the 2024 election, he intends to rule like a dictator. Addressing a gathering in Iowa, he stated that as long as he has control over the President, he plans to exercise his authority for more than four years of a presidential term. This is a clear assertion of despotism.

Trump's plans for Dictatorship revealed in Iowa Speech: "For four years and beyond"

Trump’s totalitarian aspirations were initially revealed on January 6th, when he incited his fans to violence, causing them to attack Capitol police, threaten the former Vice President, pursue congressmen, and deface the Capitol.

While his actions screamed volumes, his explicit acknowledgment of these plans has been a slow reveal. In December, he made a brave step by announcing that he intends to become a dictator, albeit just on day one.

Now, the scope of “day one” has broadened to include “four years and beyond” if he reclaims the presidency, which his MAGA fans appreciate.

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