President Joe Biden signs bill to prevent a partial government closure

President Joe Biden signed a short-term financing package on Friday, allowing the federal government to operate until early March.

The bill prevents what would have been a partial government shutdown beginning Saturday. It makes no mention of more aid for Ukraine, which is still in limbo as key parliamentarians discuss a border security measure that would go hand in hand with more support for Kyiv.

Prior to the winter snowstorm that hit Washington, D.C. on Friday, Congress enacted the short-term bill with significant bipartisan majorities on Thursday. The votes were 77-18 in the Senate and 314-108 in the House.

President Joe Biden signs bill to prevent a partial government closure

The law provides financing for departments handling agriculture, veterans affairs, energy, transportation, and housing until March 1. The rest of the federal government is now funded through March 8. It is intended to provide lawmakers extra time to craft full-year spending measures before the fiscal year ends on September 30.

Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., will continue to face pressure from House conservatives to forsake a bipartisan agreement that caps overall spending for those full-year bills at $1.66 trillion.

Conservatives argue that is too much money, but Democrats and moderate Republicans believe Congress must follow through on the agreement to avoid congressional dysfunction during an election year.

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