Colorado police arrest Elijah McClain’s father Lawayne Mosley

Lawayne Mosley, Elijah McClain’s father, was arrested in Colorado over the weekend and faces multiple charges.

Mosley was first stopped by state troopers and an Adams County sheriff’s deputy at 5:30 p.m. Saturday near Interstate 70 and Manila Road on suspicion of driving under the influence. He identified himself both by name and as McClain’s father. When state police sought to arrest him, he resisted, according to the Colorado State Patrol. He also allegedly had a pistol in his vehicle.

Colorado police arrests Elijah McClain's father Lawayne Mosley

“He identified himself as ‘Lawayne Mosley, father of Elijah McClain.'” “These were his words,” Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Troy Kessler told CBS News Colorado.

Another driver made the original complaint, reporting that a driver was weaving in and out of I-70’s eastbound lanes, CSP said. He exited at a gas station near Bennett, where state troopers and an Adams County deputy approached and spoke with him.

When a state trooper asked Mosley to step out of his car, he refused, according to CSP. That’s when he allegedly assaulted the officer, causing minor injuries to one of his arms and knees. The Adams County deputy then tased Mosley, who, like the trooper, was treated on the scene for his injuries.

Mosley was taken to the hospital for a blood test, where he cooperated with the rest of the investigation before being placed in jail, according to CSP.

He was taken into the Arapahoe County Jail on a $25,000 bond and charged with second-degree assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, DUI, careless driving, and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

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