New details on Brittany Battaglia’s murder who was found in a duffle bag at her boyfriend’s house

A Logan Square man suspected of murdering his girlfriend looked for information on an unrelated murder case and how to evade guilt by utilizing a mental health defense. That’s one of the fresh elements released by prosecutors on Friday as they charged Genesis Silva, 34, with the murder of his 33-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Battaglia, last June.

While Chicago police detectives attempted to charge Silva with murder after discovering Brittany Battaglia’s body in a duffle bag in Silva’s bedroom last year, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office only approved charges of concealing a homicide—until they changed their minds last week.

In a detention petition filed Friday when Silva was charged with first-degree murder, prosecutors stated that his DNA was discovered “with strong support” on cleaning goods and “refuse” in his flat.

New details on Brittany Battaglia's murder who was found in a duffle bag at her boyfriend's house

Officials earlier stated that investigators discovered a multitude of evidence in Silva’s kitchen, including two garbage bags beside a tarp containing shoes, a bucket, a paint suit, gloves, bleach, and a Swiffer.

Silva’s DNA was also found on the bag carrying Battaglia’s body, according to the CPD investigation. According to Judge William Fahy’s custody order, authorities think Silva stabbed Battaglia multiple times when she visited his residence to check on his well-being.

Just hours before prosecutors increased the accusations against Silva last Friday, they submitted a motion in the previously filed case explaining why investigators went to Silva’s house in the first place:

In addition to two missing persons reports for Battaglia, CPD received a 911 call from Silva’s friend, who asked police to check on his well-being after they had lunch and became “concerned” about Silva during the meal.

Investigators staked out Silva’s residence in the 2000 block of North Kimball and apprehended him when he exited with a red and black rucksack slung over his shoulder.

Prosecutors claimed the backpack included a blade. Prosecutors reported that a second machete was discovered in his car. During the same encounter, cops allegedly discovered Battaglia’s body.

The cops also discovered three lists of cleaning materials, chemicals, and boots, as well as a note that read: “Can you ask the average time until smell, etc?”

Judge Fahy granted the state’s detention request on Friday.

In October, authorities charged another man, 37-year-old Peter Mathes, of assisting Silva in concealing Battaglia’s death. While the matter is pending, he is being monitored electronically.

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