Late Tonight to Wednesday Morning: Second Half of Fog/Freezing Rain

Wednesday through Thursday will see the second half of fog and freezing rain due to the southwesterly flow.

Fog will return to most forecast areas later tonight into Wednesday early. Except for central Iowa, fog should clear late Wednesday morning. Light moisture in the mid-levels and toward the surface throughout northwest and north central Iowa late tonight through Wednesday early suggests freezing drizzle and a light glaze of ice.

After midnight tonight, freezing rain will spread across southern Iowa and into central Iowa by Wednesday morning. Later Wednesday morning, temperatures will rise, turning freezing rain into rain in the south. Still, conditions will be slippery with a glaze of 0.10″ of ice. Precipitation will end early Wednesday afternoon.

The projected area will receive a final bout of moisture late Wednesday night into Thursday. This will follow the prior one, with freezing drizzle in most areas. I’m still sampling this event, but the final ice data will be published soon. By late Thursday afternoon, the system moves east of the forecast.

Long-term: A divided flow will cause below-average precipitation from Friday to late next week. Keep an eye out for further stories in the first week of February when the moisture stream should resume.

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