Chicago landlord opens unoccupied properties to shelter almost 500 asylum seekers

Chicago has struggled to locate housing for migrants arriving in the city. One property owner is opening up his properties to let hundreds of asylum seekers live rent-free.

Chris Amatore, a property manager and real estate investor, is providing beds and food while paying for everything himself.

Food was given Thursday to families residing in a South Shore building. According to Amatore, the building’s owner, 57 Venezuelans have recently moved in.

“I just decided I got the heat on, I got gas and electric, let’s fill them in,” he added.”We’ll worry about the details later.”

After visiting the city’s landing center and a shelter for new arrivals, Amatore said he felt compelled to offer shelter in his vacant residences during the last nine days.

“I saw five-year-olds with jackets on the streets,” Amatore remarked. “I’m like, it’s going to be negative 14, what’s going on?”

He, his family, and a few volunteers have taken in 448 adults and children throughout 15 of his residential complexes.

Some neighbors posted videos of the building on Essex, stating that people were breaking in and that it was unsafe.

Amatore claimed there was no break-in in Essex.

Veronica Cotton Cotton is a lifelong South Shore resident and new company owner, but she revealed that she and her sons were homeless a few years ago and did not receive the assistance they needed.

“It’s frustrating,” Cotton explained. “I’m not saying it’s not right to help them, but it’s not right for others not to get help as well.”

Amatore said that his impromptu efforts to assist new arrivals were not very well organized, but he wanted to do something.

“I decided to submit my free will and follow God’s plan,” Amatore explained. “I feel like I’m going to keep doing what’s right, and wherever the chips fall, that’s not up to me.”
Amatore urged other building owners to step up during the migrant crisis.

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