National Croissant Day will cost 1 cent for Burger King’s croissant breakfast meal

Burger King must be feeling charitable, since the nationwide fast food business plans to offer one of its morning menu favorites, the Croissan’wich, for just one cent later this month.

BK fans are well aware of the significance of this announcement, as the Croissan’wich was the brand’s first major breakfast dish and has been on the menu for almost 40 years.

For those unfamiliar with Burger King’s breakfast selections, the Croissan’wich is available in a flavor stack for everyone. From Ham, Egg, and Cheese to Sausage, Egg, and Cheese; Bacon, Egg, and Cheese; simply Egg and Cheese; or the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, which is stacked high with all the go-to breakfast staples–ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, and cheese.

Not only that, but the brand will also provide consumers with a free Hershey Sundae Pie with any purchase, and fans do not have to wait a week to take advantage of the offer, which is available now.

Never had a Hershey Sundae Pie from BK? You’re in for a big treat, according to the official description: “One part crunchy chocolate crust and one part chocolate crème filling, garnished with a delicious topping of fudge drizzle and real HERSHEY’S® Chocolate Chips.”

The two bargains, which are redeemable on different days in January, are in recognition of several unofficial national festivals. The first is National Pie Day, which is on Tuesday, January 23, and the second is National Croissant Day, which is next Tuesday, January 30.

Customers must be enrolled in Burger King’s rewards program, also known as Royal Perks, to take advantage of either deal. The good news is that it’s simple and free to join, and you’ll be among the first to learn about future Burger King offers, combos, and promotions.

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