Cruel South Carolina Killer Mom Susan Smith Expects Parole: ‘She’s Making Plans for the Outside’

With less than ten months until her first parole hearing, South Carolina killer mom Susan Smith has expressed confidence to several of her male suitors that she will be released.

“She really has a lot of hope that she’s getting out, and she’s getting her ducks in a row for life after imprisonment,” one of the guys, who has regular phone talks and sends romantic notes to Smith, told The Messenger.

“She is figuring out where to live, how she’ll support herself, and who will be in her circle,” she added.

“She’s making plans for the outside.”

Cruel South Carolina Killer Mom Susan Smith Expects Parole: 'She's Making Plans for the Outside'

Smith, 52, is serving a life sentence for murdering her two kids, Michael, 3, and Alex, 14 months, in 1994 by allowing her automobile to roll into John D. Long Lake with the boys still strapped into their car seats in the rear.

After she lied about a Black man carjacking the automobile, the case went international, making Smith one of the most notorious inmates in South Carolina history.

A jury convicted Smith on two charges of first-degree murder in 1995. She was condemned to life in jail with the chance of parole in thirty years.

Along with her popularity, she has attracted the attention of other romantic suitors, many of whom have promised to aid her financially if she is released.

Smith’s first parole hearing is scheduled for November 2024, and at least one of her suitors is optimistic about her release.

“She is not the person you believe she is,” the man tells The Messenger. “She deserves a second chance, and I’m going to be on her side.

The Messenger recently examined many audio phone calls between Smith and at least eight males, as well as transcripts of her text exchanges.

“I know I’m not the only one,” one of the suitors informs The Messenger, “but I’ll help her however I can.”

Still, it is unclear whether Smith will be successful in her quest for freedom.

She has asked her family to attest for her, but her ex-husband David has sworn to oppose her request for freedom.

“Everyone is against her getting out,” a Smith family member, who is linked to the father of the unfortunate youngsters, told The Messenger last year.

“She is precisely where she is supposed to be—in prison. And we will do everything it takes to keep her there.

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