Biden vows retaliation following deaths of 3 US troops in Jordan, intensifying Middle East tensions

According to President Joe Biden, a drone assault killed three US servicemen and injured at least 25 others on Saturday in Jordan, near the Syrian border.

The deaths are the first US military casualties linked to the conflict in Gaza, which began in October.

While US officials blamed the attack on an “Iranian-backed” organization, The Associated Press reports that they have yet to specify which group they believe is responsible. Iran believes Hamas, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen have returned. For months, the Houthis have used drones to attack ships in the Red Sea.

Biden stated that the United States is “still gathering facts” about Saturday’s “despicable and wholly unjust” attack. He promised revenge.

“Have no doubt — we will hold all those responsible accountable at the time and in the manner that we choose,” the president stated on Sunday.

The military has yet to announce the names of the service personnel who were killed or injured.

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