Jaw-dropping theft in Miami: Rolls-Royce stolen from the valet outside of a prominent restaurant

Over the weekend, a woman dropped off her brand-new Rolls-Royce at a prominent Miami restaurant’s valet service, only to discover that it had been stolen.

Yillian Iglesias had just completed eating at Komodo in Brickell on Saturday night when she was informed that her car had been taken.

“They were telling us that basically, two guys approached the valet parking, one of the valets,” he added. “While he was giving instructions, another guy went to the keys podium, grabbed the keys, went into the car, and ran away with the car.”

As soon as Iglesias found out, her buddy went live on social media and addressed the valet parking attendants. No one knew where the fancy automobile was.

Iglesias stated that her automobile is equipped with multiple tracking devices.

“They did something to the car where none of the systems can track the car so the information that we are getting is from people calling or sending messages,” she went on to say.

There is a surveillance camera covering the valet area, and cops are looking into it.

Iglesias thinks that her Rolls Royce, which she claims is worth half a million dollars, is on its way out of the country.

“The information I got from the detective is that those types of events are done for people that request cars from outside the country, and they try to change it, and send it outside, so the possibilities to find it are very rare,” she went on to say.

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