Children’s remains encased in concrete: Police Launch Search for Missing Children in Colorado

Following the discovery of a child’s bones encased in concrete in early January, Colorado authorities are seeking to locate two additional children who have been missing since 2018.

On the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 10, a person contacted Pueblo Police to report a metal container located inside a storage unit that was allegedly filled with concrete.

Officers investigated the metal container and discovered the remains of a child embedded in the concrete that lined it.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, which is part of the USA TODAY Network, Pueblo Police will investigate the death as a homicide. The victim has yet to be publicly identified.

As part of the inquiry, authorities on Wednesday urged the public for assistance in confirming the “location and safety” of Yesenia Dominguez, 9, and Jesus Dominguez, 10, who went missing in the area in 2018.

Pueblo Police said Wednesday that the remains discovered in early January have “not yet been publicly identified by the county coroner,” but that the identification would be released after notifying next of kin.

The link between the missing children and the remains was not immediately evident, but Pueblo Police said the department was interested in confirming the children’s whereabouts in relation to the case.

The kids haven’t been seen since the summer of 2018 when they were originally reported missing.

“Yesenia Dominguez was about three years old when she was last seen, and she would be nine now. Jesus Dominguez was about 5 years old when he was last seen, and he would be around 10 now, according to the announcement.

Pueblo Police have interrogated two people of interest but made no arrests.

The investigation is underway.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Pueblo Police at 719-553-2502 or Detective Nicholas Lile at 719-601-7751.

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