Miami Police Alleged of Negligence: Marian Silently Struggling with Broken Skull after Driver in Critical Motorcycle Crash Escapes DUI Testing

A young woman was left unable to walk or speak following a tragic motorbike crash that destroyed her family, and they believe authorities should have done more. Heather Walker of Seven investigates.

This is the Marian Sanchez Cuevas that everyone knows and loves.

Gabriel Varona, a close friend, said: “The person who would bring in the energy the second she came storming through that door was her.”

A 26-year-old enthusiastic, athletic, and extroverted individual who earned a master’s degree in finance from Florida International University in 2022.

Sahily Cuevas, mother, says, “She was always happy.” The daughter that everyone wishes to have.”

We met with Marian’s parents, Sahily and Eric, outside Jackson Memorial Hospital. They have spent endless hours at their daughter’s bedside over the last four months.

Eric Sanchez, father (translated): “Destroyed.” I have no words to express it.”

Sahily Cuevas: “For us and the family, the previous four months have been quite damaging. We do not have life. “Our life ended on September 24th.”

September 24, 2023.

911 Caller: “A biker and his passenger failed to make the turn and crashed into a wall. “They’re both unconscious.”

Marian was the passenger.

Gwen Grayson, a neighbor, says, “You can see where the motorcycle hit the tree.” The motorcyclist drove straight through these two signs.”

According to the crash report, a witness observed the driver going “at a high rate of speed,” running a stop sign and colliding with a curb in the Coconut Grove neighborhood.

911 Operator: “Police and an ambulance are on their way.” They’re moving as quickly as they can.

911 Caller: “Listen, you’re not seeing what I see, and you’re not hearing what I’m saying. “This is bad.”

And it was horrible. Marian had a section of her skull removed to ease pressure on her brain and was placed in a medically induced coma.

She has endured ten surgeries. A portion of her leg was amputated, and she is unable to communicate.

Sahily Cuevas, our pediatrician, said, “I never heard in four months the word ‘mother,’ so imagine how we’re feeling.”

Marian’s friends and family are saddened, but they are determined to press the Miami Police Department for answers. They claim the matter was not adequately investigated, beginning with the fact that the motorist was never given a DUI test.

Gabriel Varona says, “He was never tested, supposedly. “That makes no sense to me.”

The police identified Nicolas Araujo as the motorcycle’s driver. He is a rookie Miami-Dade County firefighter/EMT who was off duty at the time.

The 28-year-old was injured but recovered, as seen in a fire department video shopping for Christmas presents with children. Two months before the crash, he was tailgating with a group of friends before the Dolphins game. In a photo with Marian, they both had beverages in their hands.

Sahily Cuevas said, “We have proof that they were drinking. It is not fair. They were drinking. We had a large number of individuals at the tailgate.”

Marian’s close friend, who requested that we not display her face, was at the tailgate.

Friend: “He was drinking that morning, and so was I. I can’t say how much he drank, but I know he was drinking socially.”

Following the game, the group was transported to a bar in Coconut Grove by a leased van. Araujo rode his motorcycle there. He gave another woman a ride first, as she videotaped on her phone.

Woman: “Another stop sign.”

You overhear her and say, “Another stop sign.”

Eric Sanchez, father (translation): “They can see in the background how fast he was moving at the time. “How he ran through the stops.”

Marian went on his motorcycle a few minutes later, and the crash occurred. She and Araujo were both sent to the Ryder Trauma Center.

The family wants to know why he wasn’t tested for alcohol.

Sahily Cuevas: “From my perspective, they did not investigate. “They did not conduct an investigation.”

According to Miami Police, there was no physical evidence of impairment at the scene and no sufficient reason to get a blood draw request.

We inquired with the agency about any additional steps taken to examine the events of that day. Marian’s parents were told after we began asking questions that the investigator wanted to speak with them.

While they wait for answers, they also wonder if Marian will ever recover.

Sahily Cuevas: “Only God, because her brain has sustained too much damage.” “So, only God.”

So, for the time being, Marian’s voice will be that of her family and friends, as she does not have one.

Marian is currently at JMH’s Rehabilitation Center, where they are striving to restore her capacity to recognize people.

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