Breaking News: Jeremy Gardner methamphetamine trafficker Granted Parole

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles granted Jeremy Lee Gardner’s parole request on January 9.

Gardner, 52, is presently housed at the Loxley Work Release facility, serving two life terms for 2014 methamphetamine trafficking convictions in Lowndes and Covington counties, as well as a 20-year sentence for having a prohibited substance in Conecuh County. When the board considered his parole petition, he had served slightly more than ten years of his three sentences.

Gardner was given special requirements by the board to complete the Perry County Probation/Parole Reentry Education Program (PREP) and a drug assessment. Gardner was given parole in 2009 after serving four years of a 15-year sentence imposed in 2005 for possessing chemicals with intent to make and making a controlled drug in Covington County.

On January 9, twenty-nine other parole hearings were held. Ten of those were allowed, while the remaining 19 were denied. The board also reviewed 11 pardon requests, awarding seven and dismissing four.

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