Weather Alert: Severe Storms Expected in Florida, Tornado Watch Issued

As expected, we are seeing low pressure create enough lift and turbulence in the atmosphere to raise worries about severe weather and tornadic activity.

This activity occurs ahead of a wave of low-pressureĀ building in the Gulf of Mexico, which will drift through the Southeast before gradually moving into the Atlantic over time.

Heavy rain and locally severe weather will explode and then fizzle, only to erupt again with each new burst of energy and brightness during the next 24-48 hours.

We’ll also keep a close eye on the north Florida coast, coastal Georgia, and coastal South Carolina for potential severe storms later this afternoon and tonight. For the time being, severe weather will be concentrated on Florida’s west coast, followed by lower Central and South Florida.

After we move from here to the Southeast Coast, we will return to South Florida and the Keys for another risk of severe thunderstorms tomorrow morning.

Aside from occasional tornado activity, these storms may produce huge hail, frequent lightning, strong gusty winds, and heavy rain.

When low pressure moves offshore, we’ll look for wind, high surf, and an elevated tide component. Minor coastal flooding is currently possible in several portions of South Carolina. Tuesday and Wednesday: North Carolina, Florida’s east coast, and parts of Georgia.

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