Eating Chips? Be Careful! Hillsborough County School Worker Rescues Student Choking on Chip

Hillsborough County Public Schools reported that a custodian saved a pupil from choking during lunch on February 2.

On February 2, Mulrennan Middle School’s head custodian Mohammed Hammad helped a pupil who was choking on a chip.

Hammad, also known as “Mr. Moe,” was in the cafeteria when he spotted Xzavier Wilson, a seventh-grade student, throwing down his phone and racing to a garbage can.

Mr. Moe saw Wilson’s unusual conduct and decided to follow him.

“I asked Xzavier if he could speak, and he shook his head no,” Mr. Moe added. “He looked extremely panicked.”

Mr. Moe then used the Heimlich maneuver on Wilson, and after three attempts, he was able to get the chip out of his throat.

“It was scary,” Wilson said. “Mr. Moe is my hero.” “He saved my life.”

This was not the first time Mr. Moe had rescued a choking student. About three or four months ago, he saved another student from choking on a chip.

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