Princess Cruises Hits Milestone and Celebrates Record-Breaking Alaska Bookings

Princess Cruises has announced a noteworthy milestone: an all-time high in Alaska bookings for January, surpassing any previous January in the company’s history. This rise exceeds prior records by more than 20%. This success reflects a growing interest in Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes and unique animal experiences.

Princess Cruises’ 2024 and 2025 itineraries provide a range of options to visit Alaska. According to Breaking Travel News, options range from short 4-day trips to larger 22-day journeys, which include cruises and cruise tours. These cruises allow you to view Alaska’s Inside Passage and the famed Voyage of the Glaciers.

Princess Cruises Hits Milestone and Celebrates Record-Breaking Alaska Bookings

One of the highlights is a visit to Glacier Bay National Park, the sixth largest in the United States, which is famed for its glaciers, mountains, and over 600 wildlife species. Princess Cruises also provides unique experiences in authentic Alaskan destinations such as Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

These include accommodations at five luxury Princess Lodges as well as a customized rail service that connects Whittier to the Denali area.

Princess Cruises’ trips depart from a variety of home ports, including San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Whittier (for Anchorage), and even Los Angeles. This type provides guests with handy travel alternatives.

To promote bookings, Princess Cruises recommends that guests book now for the best rates and room options for 2024 and 2025 itineraries. The company’s Princess Plus and Premier packages save over 65% on essentials such as gratuities, Wi-Fi, and beverages, increasing the value of your Alaska trip.

With increased demand, now is the time to plan a Princess Cruises Alaska holiday in 2024 or 2025. Rates for a 7-day trip begin at $399, providing a one-of-a-kind and cost-effective experience.

Announces Second ‘Love Boat’ Themed Voyage in 2024.

Princess Cruises has launched a unique themed trip for lovers of the hit television show “The Love Boat.” This amazing excursion is scheduled for August 31 to September 7.

It follows the success of their inaugural-themed cruise in 2022. The voyage begins and concludes in New York City and takes guests to picturesque locations in Canada and New England.

On board the Enchanted Princess, passengers will have the opportunity to meet “The Love Boat” characters Bernie Kopell (Doc), Fred Grandy (Gopher), Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing), and Ted Lange (Isaac). Ezra Freeman from the CBS series “The Real Love Boat” will also appear. There will also be unexpected guests.

Princess Cruises Hits Milestone and Celebrates Record-Breaking Alaska Bookings

According to PR Newswire, Princess Cruises has scheduled a variety of entertaining activities for this trip. Guests can attend parties, meet the cast, play themed activities for prizes, and watch “The Love Boat” episodes. There will be special menus and décor to enhance the experience.

Jill Whelan, the cruise’s ambassador, is thrilled to be able to recreate this one-of-a-kind event. She’s looking forward to creating great memories with fans.

The 3,660-passenger Enchanted Princess will make stops at Newport, Boston, Rockland, Saint John, and Halifax during its seven-day trip. This journey is a tribute to the show “The Love Boat,” which popularized cruising.

Princess Cruises also provides a VIP package for superfans. This includes exclusive events, reserved seating, and a supper with the captain.

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