Watch How These Nebraska Ice Fishermen’s Narrowly Escape from Submerged Shack

Two veteran ice fishermen narrowly avoided disaster at Willow Lake in northeast Nebraska when their shanty collapsed into the water. The Pierce Fire and Rescue (PFR) quickly responded to the event, emphasizing the significance of caution on winter ice.

According to 1011 Now, the fisherman, who was used to assessing ice conditions, ventured into a thinner area, causing the hut to suddenly sink.

Fortunately, they escaped safely, but they had to abandon their equipment and UTV.

Watch How These Nebraska Ice Fishermen's Narrowly Escape from Submerged Shack

“Two ice fishermen were there (at Willow Lake) and reported nice, 13-inch ice. They then traveled to another location less than 50 feet away and found around five inches of ice, which regrettably shattered on them,” Pierce Fire & Rescue stated in a Facebook statement.

Watch the Video Here.

“They experienced extremely rapidly deteriorating ice and had to abandon the UTV, their gear, and the shack.”

Despite their decades of knowledge, these seasoned fishermen faced an unforeseen peril. PFR highlights the significance of attentiveness and encourages everyone to prioritize their safety on the ice.

“It is important to note that these were very experienced fishermen who have several decades of experience on the ice,” according to the press statement.

Watch How These Nebraska Ice Fishermen's Narrowly Escape from Submerged Shack

“They understand the conditions and how to read them. “This incident occurred very quickly.”

Pierce Fire and Rescue expressed gratitude that everyone involved made it to safety but stated that their names would not be made public.

“Thankfully, all parties involved are alive and well, which we are extremely grateful for,” the statement went on to say. “The names of those concerned will not be publicized.

“However, they have given permission for these photos and their story to be shared.”

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