Governor DeSantis Praises Fair Food and Criticizes ESG at State Fair Luncheon

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis applauds the deep-fried specialty delicacies at the Florida State Fair while criticizing environmental, social, and governance laws. At the annual Governor’s Luncheon, DeSantis stated that ESG poses a threat to Florida farmers by challenging agricultural techniques in light of climate change.

The governor says he intends to try some of the fair food. DeSantis intends to taste a “Florida quesadilla” consisting of Gator nuggets, while his children receive Oreo cinnamon buns and Barbie funnel cakes. “I know that when I bring that Barbie funnel cake home to my three-year-old daughter, and she eats it after dinner, that I am not going to get her (to go) to bed on time,” DeSantis said in a statement.

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