Nikki Haley’s Mobile Billboard Mocks Trump’s Age in South Carolina

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is targeting primary competitor and former President Trump with a mobile billboard about his age as he begins campaigning in South Carolina ahead of the upcoming vote.

The billboard will pass through Myrtle Beach on Saturday, stopping outside of Trump’s rally to show a video of both Trump and President Biden appearing confused and mumbling during public addresses, according to the Haley campaign.

The film is part of the campaign’s “Grumpy Old Men” series against the two-party front-runners and was originally shown as an ad, as The Hill previously reported. The movie will focus on times when Trump mistook Haley for former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and mixed up Sioux City, Iowa, with Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stated on Friday that if Trump and Biden win a second term, they will use the Oval Office as a “taxpayer-subsidized nursing home.”

Her campaign has increased scrutiny on Trump, as the former president continues to lead her by double digits in her home state ahead of the February 24 primary. Trump currently leads Haley by about 32 points, according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s polling average.

Haley’s campaign has pledged to stay in the race longer, but she faces an uphill battle to win the primary in her home state, where support for the former president remains strong. Trump has received endorsements from major lawmakers in the Palmetto State, increasing his influence over the state’s voters ahead of the election.

Nearly a year ago, Haley advocated a mental competency test for politicians over the age of 75, and she has urged her party to elect a new leadership.

Trump has retaliated against Haley for bringing up his age, claiming ahead of the New Hampshire primary that he would outperform her on a cognitive test.


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