Residents of these 3 Florida Cities are Leaving As Quickly As Possible, But Why?

Florida, sometimes known as the Sunshine State, has long been a favorite retirement, tourist, and winter vacation destination. However, in recent years, many citizens have elected to pack their belongings and leave the state, citing a variety of reasons including high living costs, disasters, crime, and political turmoil.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Florida will lose more than 87,000 citizens in 2023, the greatest net outflow of any state. What cities are most affected by this enormous departure, and where are the former Floridians going?


Miami, Florida’s largest city, is also its most abandoned. The city lost about 25,000 residents in 2023, a 3.7% decrease from the previous year. Miami is recognized for its colorful culture, nightlife, and beaches, but it also has a high crime rate, traffic congestion, and environmental concerns.

Residents of these 3 Florida Cities are Leaving As Quickly As Possible, But Why?

Many people are fed up with increasing sea levels, hurricanes, and flooding, which endanger their homes and businesses. Others are dissatisfied with the shortage of cheap housing, public transit, and social services. Some are also dissatisfied with the political climate and how municipal and state governments have handled the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many former Miami residents have relocated to other states, including Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, and Tennessee, where they can find fewer taxes, cheaper homes, better jobs, and greater stability. Some have also gone to other areas of Florida, such as Orlando, Tampa, or Jacksonville, where living circumstances are better.


Orlando, home to Disney World and other amusement parks, is another city that has experienced severe population declines. The city lost about 15,000 residents in 2023, a 2.9% decrease from the previous year.

Residents of these 3 Florida Cities are Leaving As Quickly As Possible, But Why?

Orlando is a popular tourist destination, but its economy is largely service-oriented, with a strong emphasis on hospitality and entertainment. The COVID-19 epidemic has severely impacted several industries, leading to enormous layoffs, furloughs, and closures.

Many workers have battled to make ends meet, pay their rent, and cover their medical expenses. Others have reported health hazards, stress, and burnout from working in high-contact workplaces.

Many former Orlando residents have relocated to other states, like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, where they can find greater opportunities, diversity, and quality of life. Some have also relocated to other cities in Florida, such as Gainesville, Tallahassee, or Pensacola, where the cost of living is lower and the educational and healthcare systems are superior.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, the City of Canals and Yachts, is Florida’s third most abandoned city. In 2023, the city lost more than 12,000 residents, a 2.7% decline from the year before. Fort Lauderdale is a popular location for boaters, cruisers, and beachgoers, but it also has a high crime, corruption, and pollution rate.

Many locals are upset with the high crime rate, ineffective governance, lack of transparency, and environmental damage. Some people are concerned about the effects of climate change, sea level rise, and erosion on their coastal properties and infrastructure.

Many former Fort Lauderdale residents have relocated to other states, like California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii, where they can live a more progressive, environmentally conscious, and healthful lifestyle.

Some have relocated to other places in Florida, such as Sarasota, Naples, or Key West, where the ambiance is more laid-back, picturesque, and lovely.


Florida, once a magnet for newcomers, is now experiencing a massive outflow of inhabitants leaving the state for a variety of reasons. Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale are the most affected cities, with large population decreases in 2023. Former Florida residents are relocating to other states or towns in search of better prospects, living circumstances, and happiness.

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