Top 5 Factors Favoring Retirement in Florida Instead of Arizona

Choosing the ideal location for retirement is a significant decision, and two states that often top the list for retirees are Florida and Arizona.

Both states boast unique attractions and advantages, but a study conducted by GO Banking Rates sheds light on why Florida might be the superior choice. This analysis compares various factors such as senior community strength, retirement communities, income, taxes, cost of living, and healthcare affordability in Florida and Arizona.

Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful places in the US, offers retirees reasonable homes and many natural attractions. The Sunshine State has many small towns, cities, and villages where retirees can enjoy their golden years, including the Everglades, one of America’s most magnificent national parks.

Arizona Has A Weaker Senior Community Than Florida

People consider places with lots of peer interaction and new acquaintances when retiring in the US. Florida has 21.2 million citizens, and 4.347,912 are 65+, 20.5% of the total.

This means Florida has a stronger senior community than Arizona, which has 1,262,204 (17.5%) seniors out of roughly 7.2 million residents.

Top 5 Factors Favoring Retirement in Florida Instead of Arizona

Florida communities with the highest retirement populations: The Villages (85%), Boca Raton (26.26%), and Palm Coast (29.07%).

Florida Has More Retirement Communities Than Arizona

Any senior wants a home with numerous living options, and retirement communities offer safe housing and allow people to socialize with others their age.

Florida boasts one of the most retirement communities. Unlike Arizona, Florida has hundreds of retirement possibilities, including Orlando, the world’s theme park capital, and some of the best beaches.

Florida retirement communities cost around $3,000.
Lakewood Ranch, Valencia Trails, and Valencia at Riverland are popular Florida retirement communities.

Retirement income in Florida is higher than in Arizona

Due to differences in wages, salaries, living expenses, and tax restrictions. Seniors can prepare and choose a state by knowing its typical retirement income.

Income-wise, is Florida or Arizona better for retirement? Sunshine State retirees earn nearly $1,400 more than Grand Canyon State retirees, making it a better choice.

Florida retirees earn from Social Security, IRAs, pensions, rental income, bond funds, dividend stocks, and annuities.

Top 5 Factors Favoring Retirement in Florida Instead of Arizona

Florida is tax-friendlier for retirees than Arizona

The US has several retirement destinations, but seniors should check state tax rates before moving there. Retirees prosper in tax-friendly Florida and Arizona. One state is better than the other due to a modest tax rate difference.

Arizona has a tax rate range of 2.59%-4.50%, including retirement income, but Florida has no individual income tax, making it a good place to retire.

Florida sales tax: 6%
Florida corporate income tax: 5.5%

Florida Is Cheaper Than Arizona

Which is better for retirement: Florida or Arizona? Hard to say, but Florida wins on the cost of living. Florida is cheaper than Arizona for retirement living, although both states attract retirees and have a higher cost of living than the national median.

Restaurants, groceries, transportation, daycare, entertainment, and sports cost more for Grand Canyon retirees. Arizona only beats Florida in home costs by 0.2%.

But Florida’s cost of living index is 101, only 1% higher than the national average. Arizona has a 6% higher cost of living than the nation.

Florida average cost of living: $2,583
Average Florida food cost: $438
Average Florida transportation cost: $5,477/year

Florida Has Cheaper Healthcare Than Arizona

Top 5 Factors Favoring Retirement in Florida Instead of Arizona

Many medical issues are related to old age, therefore retirees need healthcare. Many elderly look for regions to retire with cheaper healthcare.

Want cheaper medical bills? Consider retiring in Florida. Florida’s doctor visits cost $91–139, compared to Arizona’s $94–144. Florida’s somewhat lower healthcare expenditures are one reason to retire there instead of Arizona; it all adds up.

The lowest Florida health insurance monthly premium is $177.
Florida’s healthcare score: 96.7


Retirees considering Florida or Arizona must weigh many things, but their choice depends on their priorities. The GO Banking Rates study suggests that Florida has a stronger senior community, more retirement communities, a higher average retirement income, a tax-friendly environment, a lower cost of living, and slightly cheaper healthcare. Florida’s natural beauty, diversified cultures, and financial rewards make it a popular retirement destination.


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