Check Out the Safest City in the Tennessee State, as per Latest Survey

Tennessee has much to offer visitors, including outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and a rich cultural and historical legacy. Nonetheless, not all Tennessee cities provide the same level of protection for their residents and visitors.

Crime rates in some cities are higher than in others, which can affect the population’s standard of life and overall well-being. Based on a variety of characteristics and sources, one city has been named the safest place to live in Tennessee, which we shall discuss in this piece.

We will also discuss the city’s selection process, security measures, and benefits for residents. Oakland, a small city of around 8,107 people surrounded by lakes, vegetation, and a variety of local attractions, has been named Tennessee’s safest city.

The safest city to live in Tennessee, Oakland

According to SafeWise, Oakland was the safest city in Tennessee in 2023. Oakland is a small town of approximately 8,107 people, surrounded by lakes, vegetation, and a variety of local attractions.

What makes Oakland safe?

Oakland residents have demonstrated high levels of civic engagement and community spirit. A variety of neighborhood organizations in the city work to promote social justice concerns such as economic growth, racial equality, environmental preservation, educational reform, and healthcare access.

Some examples are the Oakland Education Foundation (OEF), the Oakland Health Care Coalition (OHCC), the Oakland Environmental Action Group (OEAG), the Oakland Community Councils Project (OCCP), and the Oakland Economic Development Corporation (OEDC). These groups work together to solve a variety of issues impacting their communities.

When compared to other Tennessee cities, Oakland also has a low population density. The Census Bureau anticipated that Oakland’s population, which covers approximately 4 square miles, will be only 8,000 people in 2020.

This suggests that vandals and criminals will have fewer potential targets. When compared to other Tennessee communities, Oakland has a low unemployment rate. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Oakland’s unemployment rate was just about 3% in November 202213.

How is Oakland Compared to Other States?

Oakland is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities to live in the United States. It is classified as the seventh riskiest city overall and the second riskiest for personal and community safety. In comparison to other Tennessee cities, the city has higher rates of violent crime, property crime, and hate crimes.

Despite these issues, Oakland has several excellent elements that contribute to its low crime rates and high quality of life.

These include a strong feeling of community, active civic participation, and a dedication to social justice issues. Additionally, Oakland has a lower population density and unemployment rate than comparable cities in Tennessee.


Oakland, Tennessee, with its population of 8,107, has been named the safest city in the state for 2023. The town’s safety is attributed to strong civic engagement, community unity, and various advocacy groups addressing social issues. While Oakland faces challenges, including being ranked eighth riskiest in the U.S., its low population density, low unemployment rate, and commitment to social justice contribute to its overall safety and quality of life.


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