Explore the State with Highest Literacy Rate in the Entire US

When it comes to literacy, New Hampshire stands tall as a shining example. With a remarkable literacy rate of 94.2%, it leads the nation in fostering a culture of learning and knowledge. Let’s delve into what makes New Hampshire a literacy powerhouse:

Prose Literacy Skills

New Hampshire boasts the lowest percentage (only 5.8%) of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. This means that the vast majority of its residents can read and comprehend written information effectively. Whether it’s deciphering a novel, understanding news articles, or following instructions, New Hampshirites excels.

Education and Libraries

  • Higher Education: Approximately 36.6% of adults in New Hampshire hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, positioning the state as a hub for education and intellectual growth.
  • Library Users: An impressive 60.8% of the population are registered library users, demonstrating a strong commitment to lifelong learning. New Hampshire ranks seventh in the country for library engagement.
Explore the State with Highest Literacy Rate in the Entire US

Literacy Initiatives and Programs in New Hampshire

Leaning Into Literacy Initiative:

  • The New Hampshire Department of Education has launched the Leaning Into Literacy initiative to advance reading skills among New Hampshire youth. This program aims to foster a healthy passion for reading, supporting overall learning and future success.
  • Despite New Hampshire’s high ranking in reading proficiency on the Nation’s Report Card, approximately 51% of fourth-grade students in the state are not reading proficiently.
  • The initiative’s primary goal is to train 4,500 individuals in the first year and an additional 4,500 in the second year. These individuals will help expand literacy training and enhance literacy support throughout the Granite State.
  • The program targets adults engaged in raising, working with, or teaching New Hampshire children to be successful readers. This includes parents, guardians, certified educators, literacy coaches, curriculum coordinators, school administrators, and reading and writing specialists.
  • By building knowledge of the Science of Reading, the initiative aims to address literacy recovery needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Certified educators who complete the training and pass the corresponding Foundations of Reading exam will receive substantial stipends.
  • The ultimate objective is to improve student outcomes and overall academic achievement by preventing and intervening in reading difficulties and identifying struggling readers

New Hampshire Literacy Standards:

  • New Hampshire’s literacy standards require explicit, skill-based instruction for reading, speaking, and writing across all subject areas.
  • The New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards, updated in 2014, serve as the foundation for the state’s literacy curriculum.

Foundations of Reading Exam:

Educators in New Hampshire can take the Foundations of Reading exam to enhance their knowledge of reading instruction based on the science of how children learn to read.

Explore the State with Highest Literacy Rate in the Entire US

New Hampshire Literacy Institutes:

  • The state hosts New Hampshire Literacy Institutes, where readers, writers, and teachers come together to consider and practice their crafts.
  • These institutes provide opportunities to work with faculty, build camaraderie, receive support, share laughter, and connect with UNH’s literacy history.

Minnesota, North Dakota, Vermont, and South Dakota

While New Hampshire takes the top spot, other states also shine in literacy:

  • Minnesota: With a literacy rate of 94.0%, Minnesota emphasizes education and has a high percentage of registered library users (69.9%).
  • North Dakota: At 93.7%, North Dakota prioritizes literacy, although its library engagement is lower (35.9%).
  • Vermont: With a literacy rate of 93.4%, Vermont combines educational excellence (36.4% with Bachelor’s degrees or higher) and a love for libraries (highest number of libraries per 100,000 people).


New Hampshire’s commitment to literacy extends beyond mere statistics. It’s a state where books find eager readers, where knowledge is celebrated, and where the pursuit of learning knows no bounds. So, whether you’re exploring the White Mountains or strolling through historic towns, remember that New Hampshire’s literacy legacy is as rich as its natural beauty.

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