Best State for Beach Lovers to Retire in 2024 Now Revealed

Retirement preparation requirements vary by person. Some move closer to family. Others desire safe, community-oriented retirement villages. Many prefer healthy, fit activities in their older years.

Most lists include a non-negotiable: the retirement destination landscape. Mountain and cold weather attract some retirees, while many choose temperate climates. Florida’s popularity as the greatest place to retire in 2024 isn’t surprising, especially for beach lovers.

The Best Retirement State in 2024 Is Florida

The top retirement state in 2024 is Florida. Since retirees have long preferred Florida, this is hardly surprising.

Best State for Beach Lovers to Retire in 2024 Now Revealed

Florida is ideal for people who desire to downsize their family homes to easier-to-manage ones due to its moderate weather, active lives, distinctive and fun activities, and simple access to travel in and out of the state.

Despite the property market forcing some seniors to leave Florida for cheaper houses, many are relocating to Florida from places where they may profit from selling their prior properties due to decreased housing costs. Retirees from expensive states are looking for the greatest Florida retirement spots to maximize their money.

Florida also scored first in retiree quality of life. The rating considered inexpensive housing, quality healthcare, healthy lifestyle activities, and more.

Florida’s healthcare system is good given the amount of doctors per capita, but Minnesota has the best retiree healthcare in the nation.

Florida Retirement Is Ideal For Beach Lovers

The Sunshine State is named for a reason. With approximately 230 sunny days a year, almost every day is a great beach day.

The state of Florida has 189 beaches. Residents have 825 miles of beach access. Retirees seeking beach only will not be disappointed in Florida. Along with warm Gulf and Atlantic Ocean seas, there are endless white sandy beaches.

Better yet, each beach has its own personality and activities. Some are for beach volleyball, frisbee, and dog walking. Others are for lounging and sunbathing.

These Florida beaches are popular with folks who seek a slower pace:

Coquina Beach
Vero and Pompano Beach

Retirement beaches with more activity include:

Riviera Beach, Juno Beach
Delray Beach, West Palm Beach

The over-65 crowd loves them because they have an abundance of outdoor activities, reasonable housing, and beautiful beaches within walking distance of most villages.
There are many beach culture chances in Florida for individuals coming there for that reason. The variety of beaches and pricing points of the towns around them offer something for every beach-loving retiree moving to Florida.

Best State for Beach Lovers to Retire in 2024 Now Revealed

Other Benefits of Florida Retirement

There are more reasons to retire to Florida than the beaches, affordable cities, adequate healthcare, and high quality of life.

Florida retirement taxes are almost nothing, which is a major benefit. Social Security, pensions, IRAs, and 401(k)s are tax-free for residents. There’s no inheritance or estate tax. Moving to Florida could save retirees hundreds.

Florida has a cheaper cost of living and lower taxes. At or slightly above the national average. Going from California to New York, where the cost of living is 42% and 30% higher than the national average, respectively, might mean extra monthly cash without doing anything but moving.

Nothing compares to Florida beaches. For those retiring there for the sea air, rolling waves, and sunshine, the financial rewards are just a cherry on top, albeit a significant one.


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