Discover 3 Hotels in the US with the Largest Swimming Pool Around the World

Taking a plunge into a massive swimming pool is a dream come true! What about the world’s biggest swimming pools? Many tourists value staying in a hotel with a beautiful swimming pool, whether it is a standard pool or one of the most interesting hotel swimming pools in the world. Of course, these swimming pools are more than simply for aesthetics; they also provide a place for travelers to relax and find solitude.

While this is not a difficult task, finding one can be tricky. To help, here are the three hotels in the US with the largest swimming pools around the world!

The Pyramid Cancun – All-Inclusive in Cancun, Mexico

Located on the stunning Caribbean coast, The Pyramid Cancun is a gastronomy and entertainment sanctuary in the heart of Cancun, home to major music festivals that visitors should not miss.

Staying at The Pyramid Cancun puts you even closer to spectacular music festivals, vibrant events, Las Vegas-style nightlife, French cabaret acts, and unforgettable dining experiences. The resort’s swimming pool, the largest in Cancun, spans 0.09 acres (400 meters) and provides magnificent views of the blue Caribbean waters and the Yucatán Peninsula.

  • Accommodation: The Pyramid Cancun, All Inclusive
  • Address: Blvd. Kukulcan 5 km 16, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico.
  • Amenities include swimming pools, restaurants and bars, spas, and fitness and wellness centers.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort – Glenwood Springs, United States

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort was constructed with quiet and leisure in mind. The resort is a sanctuary of ultimate relaxation in the highlands, with the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool measuring more than 0.68 acres (405 feet long x 100 feet broad) and filled with 15 natural minerals to soothe the tired body and soul.

Its origins may be traced back to 1888 when Captain Richard Sopris and his party purchased the area containing the hot springs. During the summer, the cabanas are available for hire, along with the spectacular Sopris Splash Zone, which is ideal for traveling families with children.

Its location in Glenwood Springs, one of Colorado’s most affordable getaways, will keep visitors busy exploring the adjacent nature trails and the renowned Hanging Lake, a hidden jewel in Glenwood Canyon.

  • Accommodation: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Address: 415 E 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States
  • Amenities include a hot spring swimming pool, grill and restaurant, a retail shop, and a fitness and wellness center.

Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel & Casino—Hollywood, Florida

Discover 3 Hotels in the US with the Largest Swimming Pool Around the World

The Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel & Casino’s tropical lagoon-style swimming pool, which spans 4.5 acres and is the length of three football fields, is a standout feature in the neighborhood, boasting pure beach-style beauty. It’s located in Hollywood, one of Florida’s most expensive cities.

It features locally sourced Florida sand, swaying palm trees, and waterfalls, as well as exciting water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Beautiful Bora Bora cabanas also contribute to the pool’s tropical atmosphere. To make the most of it, guests can sip great handcrafted cocktails at the pool bar or be pampered at the poolside spa.

  • Accommodation: Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel & Casino, located at 1 Seminole Way in Hollywood, FL 33314, USA.
  • Amenities include swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and lounges.


Indulge in the ultimate aquatic luxury at these world-renowned hotels boasting some of the largest and most stunning swimming pools. From the Caribbean elegance of The Pyramid Cancun to the mineral-rich waters of Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and the tropical oasis at Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel & Casino, these pools offer not only aesthetic allure but also serene retreats for relaxation, making each stay an unforgettable aquatic experience.


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