Avoid Staying in This Most Dangerous City in Arkansas

Arkansas has stunning beauty, a rich history, and a diverse culture, but it also has some drawbacks. The FBI ranks it as the third most dangerous state in the United States. The violent crime rate is 1,833 per 100,000 people, while the property crime rate is 5,348 per 100,000 people, well exceeding the national norms of 367 and 2,110, respectively.

So, which Arkansas cities are the riskiest, and why? This article will identify the most dangerous city in Arkansas, based on the most recent crime data and other available sources. We’ll also investigate the causes of the high crime rates and how they affect the residents and communities.

Most dangerous city in Arkansas

Little Rock is Arkansas’ most hazardous city, according to the most recent FBI crime data. Little Rock has 1,833 violent crimes per 100,000 population and 5,348 property crimes per 100,000 persons.

Little Rock is one of the most dangerous places in the country due to these rates, which are much higher than the state and national averages.

Statistics That Made Little Rock the Most Dangerous City

Little Rock is the most dangerous city in Arkansas, owing to its high crime rate. There are 1,833 violent crimes and 5,348 property crimes per 100,000 persons, which exceeds both the state and national rates. This makes Little Rock one of the most dangerous places in the entire United States.

In 2020, Little Rock recorded 49 homicides, a disturbing increase of 13. The homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Little Rock increased to 16.3, more than four times the national average of 3.8.

Poverty, unemployment, drug misuse, gang activity, and a lack of education all play a role in Little Rock’s high crime rate. These variables create a vicious cycle of violence and despair, lowering the city’s general quality of life and impeding economic progress.

Government Efforts to Combat Crime in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Little Rock administration is working hard to minimize crime by focusing on three key areas: policing, programs, and community engagement. Here’s some of what they’re doing:

  1. Hiring highly trained police officers and offering them a $10,000 bonus.
  2. Establishing a Real-Time Crime Center to evaluate footage and data in order to respond to crime trends swiftly.
  3. Deploying uniformed and undercover cops to monitor high-crime areas in marked and unmarked vehicles.
  4. Seizing more than 600 illicit weapons and arresting over 400 people in possession of them.
  5. Recruiting mental health and social professionals, implementing additional technology, and strategically patrolling high-crime areas.
  6. Supporting community-based violence prevention programs and other efforts.

These actions resulted in a drop in violent crime compared to 2021. However, there are still obstacles, and everyone in the city must work together to address the underlying causes of crime and make the city safer and better for all.


Little Rock is currently the most violent city in Arkansas, but this does not have to be the case. The local administration is actively working to make the area safer, such as increasing police presence and implementing community initiatives. They are also addressing societal concerns such as poverty and unemployment. These efforts are already working to reduce crime, but everyone needs to stay committed and work together.

SOURCE: neighborhoodscout.com, littlerock.gov

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