Check Out the 5 Most Safest Neighborhoods in Davidson County, Tennessee

Davidson County, Tennessee, has the greatest population in the state, with over 700,000 people. It includes Nashville, Tennessee’s capital and largest city, which is well-known as a center for music, culture, and entertainment.

However, when it comes to safety, how can one find a home or place that delivers a sense of peace and security?

This article will look at the top five secure neighborhoods in Davidson County, taking into account indicators like crime rates, the quality of public schools, crime and safety assessments, and other pertinent aspects.

Belle Meade

This posh area has a surprisingly low crime rate, with 34.7 incidences per 100,000 residents for violent crime and 937.8 for property crime. Renowned for its lovely parks and magnificent historic mansions, this neighborhood is one of Nashville’s most affluent and historically significant regions.

Originally a large plantation known for breeding illustrious racehorses, it has subsequently evolved into a residential enclave with a plethora of sophisticated mansions and estates.

It also houses a beloved historic site and a winery where tourists may enjoy guided tours and tastings. Belle Meade’s highlights include the Cheekwood Estate and Gardens, the Belle Meade Country Club, and Percy Warner Park.


This upscale suburb has a low crime rate of 87.9 violent crimes and 865.4 property crimes per 100,000 residents. It is well known for its shopping malls and golf courses.

This is another upscale Nashville suburb noted for its safe environment and high standard of living. It has several shopping malls, golf courses, and recreational parks.

Furthermore, it has historical significance being the scene of numerous Civil War engagements and raids. Brentwood’s significant attractions include the Brentwood Library, Dyer Observatory, and Radnor Lake State Park.


This beautiful tiny town has a moderate crime rate, with 168.6 violent crimes and 990.7 property crimes per 100,000 people. It is known for its antique shops and lively festivals.

This neighborhood contains a wonderful tiny village with a welcoming environment. The historic district dates back to the 1790s, when pioneers such as North Carolina’s William Nolen established it. The town also has many antique shops, colorful festivals, and restaurants that openly celebrate its local culture and heritage.

Nolensville has a variety of attractions, including the Amish Country Market, the Nolensville Feed Mill, and the Mill Creek Brewery.

Forest Hills

This forested region has a low crime incidence of 181.5 per 100,000 persons for violent occurrences and 1,335.9 for property crimes. Its picturesque beauty and network of hiking routes are greatly admired.

This area, tucked amid a woodland expanse, possesses a rustic appeal and is renowned for its scenic splendor.

It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with plenty of hiking routes, biking pathways, and stunning views. It also has historical value as the ancestral grounds of several Native American tribes and the site of a Civil War skirmish.

Oak Hill

This area has a low crime rate, with only 186.6 violent crimes and 1,794.2 property crimes per 100,000 residents. Residents like the quiet streets and spacious homes. It is a woodland location with natural beauty and a rural setting. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of hiking routes, biking pathways, and scenic views.

This neighborhood has a rich history, having been home to Native American tribes and seeing a Civil War battle. Travellers Rest Plantation, the Mayfield House, and the Radnor Lake State Natural Area are all notable attractions.

It is a prestigious location that houses the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion. Oak Hill also has attractions such as Oak Hill School, Glen Leven Farm, and Seven Mile Creek Greenway.

Final Words

Here are five communities in Davidson County, Tennessee, that are known for their safety and comfort, making them suitable for both residents and visitors.

These places offer a variety of attractions and amenities to suit a wide range of interests. Whether you are interested in history, wildlife, or culture, you will find something to enjoy in these secure and scenic locations.

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