Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

When you think about Kansas, you may envision sunflowers, abundant wheat fields, wide plains, and rustic charm. Although Kansas may appear to be perfectly safe due to its rural ambiance, many areas of the state are dangerous to visit.

According to U.S. News, Kansas ranks 34th in public safety. The crime rate, unpredictable weather, and unsafe driving conditions are all factors that contribute to a location’s ranking. Whether you live in Kansas or are planning a trip there, you may be wondering where the state’s most dangerous locations are so you can avoid them.

Let’s look at 6 of Kansas’ most dangerous places and talk about the variables that contribute to the area’s low level of safety.


Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

Independence, Kansas has one of the state’s highest crime rates. Individuals who live in or visit this region should be cautious at all times. Avoid dangerous behaviors like traveling alone or leaving personal items unsecured. According to Crime Grade, “Independence is in the 14th percentile for safety,” indicating that 86% of cities are safer and 14% are more dangerous. Independence has a violent crime rate of 6.206 per 1,000 residents in a typical year.


Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

Kansas is located in “Tornado Alley,” a small area with a higher risk of tornadoes than the rest of the United States. In fact, many of you may recall the iconic tornado sequence from The Wizard of Oz, which took place in Kansas.

Although the entire state is exposed to tornadoes, Lansing residents face the greatest risk. The state average tornado index is 252.53, whereas Lansing has a whopping 415.33.


Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

You may believe that Topeka, as the state capital, cannot be a dangerous location to reside. However, the crime rate in this city is roughly double the state average. Low educational attainment and limited career possibilities all lead to an increase in larceny and burglary.

Kansas City

Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

While Kansas City is not as perilous as the other cities we will explore today, the weather can be unexpected. Residents commonly report that seasonal temperature extremes can be difficult to live with. During the summer, humidity is severe, and temperatures can reach the 100s.

Nighttime temperatures frequently fall below freezing in the winter, and roadways can freeze over. Seasons such as fall and spring are less noticeable in Kansas City than in other areas. In addition, the crime rate in Kansas City exceeds the state average.


Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

Parsons’ crime rate has risen dramatically over the years, and it now ranks higher than 95% of other American communities. Unlike similar localities in Kansas, the most common sort of crime committed here is violent crime rather than property-related crime. Beginning in 2016, the violent crime rate continued to rise, and in certain years it exceeded the United States average. Individuals visiting Parsons should be aware of their surroundings at all times and use caution if traveling alone.

Overland Park

Discover 6 Most Dangerous Places in Kansas

Kansas is no stranger to car accidents. In fact, Interstate 70 is known as the “deadliest road in Kansas. Compared to other areas, this stretch of highway has a high rate of fatal crashes, and drivers report feelings of unease and terror while driving on it. It runs right through the heart of Overland Park, and many residents have died as a result of these tragic accidents.


Kansas, known for its serene landscapes, faces safety challenges in certain areas. Independence grapples with high crime rates, while Lansing is tornado-prone. Topeka, despite being the capital, struggles with elevated crime due to socio-economic factors. Kansas City contends with unpredictable weather, and Parsons sees a concerning surge in violent crime. Overland Park faces risks on the perilous Interstate 70. Vigilance and caution are advised in these regions.


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