Residents are Fleeing from these 10 New Jersey Towns at an Alarming Rate

In an astonishing change of events, North Jersey municipalities, particularly those near New York City, are experiencing a massive exodus!

The most recent Census Bureau estimates show a stunning population drop in several New Jersey communities, particularly during the first 15 months of the pandemic.

The top 20 municipalities witnessing this steep reduction are all concentrated in just four counties, with Hudson County accounting for seven of them.

Ten Towns that Are Losing Residents

Secaucus, Hudson County: A staggering decrease of 944 inhabitants!
Kearny, Hudson County: An incredible migration of 1,795 persons!
Paterson, Passaic County, has lost 1,880 residents!
Elizabeth, Union County: An incredible loss of 1,909 persons!
Hoboken, Hudson County, has lost 1,985 residents!
Bayonne City, Hudson County: A significant drop of 2,344 persons!
North Bergen, Hudson County: A staggering loss of 2,749 inhabitants!
Union City, Hudson County, has seen a staggering 2,874 population drop!
Newark, Essex County: A staggering departure of 3,656 inhabitants!
Jersey City, Hudson County: The top rank, with an incredible loss of 8,485 persons!

Percentage Panic

From Jersey City’s 2.9% reduction to the astonishing 35% drop in Pine Valley, Camden County, these cities’ populations are shrinking at an alarming rate. What is causing the enormous exodus from these once-thriving communities? Is it the pandemic’s influence, the appeal of remote work, or something else? The results are in, and they are nothing short of astounding!

What is driving New Jersey’s unprecedented population exodus?

As residents pack their belongings and leave for the hills, doubts arise. What does this imply for the future of these towns? How will the demographic shift impact local economies and communities? Most importantly, what’s next for New Jersey’s quickly changing landscapes? Stay tuned as we explore deeper into the ongoing demographic turmoil!

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