Explore the Oldest Living Tree in Florida: The 2000-Year Legacy

Florida is the Sunshine State, noted for its tropical warmth. Florida’s warm and humid climate allows odd heat-loving trees like coconut palms and mangrove species to thrive, but did you know the state also has some stunning old forests?

Let’s find out what Floridian tree has lasted through epic timescales. So, let’s explore the oldest tree in Florida, and beyond.

How Old Is Florida’s Oldest Tree?

Lady Liberty, a 2,000-year-old bald cypress, is Florida’s oldest living tree. It is located in Longwood, Florida, at the appropriately titled Big Tree Park. Park officials have created a raised walkway for convenient access and ringed Lady Liberty with a barrier, preventing visitors from touching her! Imagine hundreds of hands stroking its bark every day. That would undoubtedly cause serious damage.

Lady Liberty stands 82 feet tall, with a trunk circumference of 394 inches and a spreading crown of 34 feet. Lady Liberty may be Florida’s oldest tree, but it is far from the tallest. More about that later.

Lady Liberty was given her moniker in a contest held in 2005. Two elementary school children suggested the name because one of its branches is angled, mimicking the Statue of Liberty’s raised arm. Before 2005, it was just known as The Companion.

How Can We Be Certain It’s the Oldest?

Explore the Oldest Living Tree in Florida: The 2000-Year Legacy

Dating living trees is a tough job because it can cause significant damage. To determine a tree’s true age, experts need a root sample for study, which requires them to bore a hole into the trunk to count the growth rings. Each ring represents one year of growth. The science of reading wood is known as dendrochronology.

Dendrochronology is used to date living trees and has applications in archaeology. The oldest dendrochronically recorded object is a wood-lined well discovered in the Czech Republic. It dates dated to 5256/55 BC, more than 7,500 years ago, during the Early Neolithic period.

There is no scientific proof. Lady Liberty is Florida’s oldest tree, although experts believe it is at least 2,000 years old based on its size, the county’s historical plaque for the tree, and other forestry records.

Around 2,000 years ago, when Lady Liberty was a sapling, the world witnessed the birth of Jesus in the Christian faith, the Roman Empire landed in Britain (43AD), and Mount Vesuvius exploded, killing 20,000 people (79AD).

There were still almost 1400 years until Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. Lady Liberty has undergone a lot of changes.

Where is Longwood, Florida located on a map?

Big Tree Park, located on General Hutchinson Parkway between US Highway 17 and Longwood State Road 427, is home to Florida’s oldest living tree. Longwood is a northern suburb of Orlando, located in east-central Florida.


Florida’s oldest tree, Lady Liberty, a 2,000-year-old bald cypress, stands tall in Big Tree Park, Longwood. Although dating living trees is challenging, experts estimate their age based on size, historical records, and forestry data. This ancient tree has witnessed over two millennia of historical events, showcasing the enduring resilience of nature in Florida’s Sunshine State.

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