Explore the 200-Year-Old Town in Oregon

Oregon, the 33rd state in the United States, is a stunning destination with plenty to do and see. The majority of visitors to Oregon flock to Eugene, Portland, and Salem, however, there are many older cities.

So, which is the oldest town in Oregon? This wonderful old town is definitely worth a visit. Follow along to learn about Oregon’s oldest city and the unique characteristics that define it.

What is the oldest town in Oregon?

ASTORIA is Oregon’s oldest town, having been founded in 1811. It’s more than 200 years old.

Explore the 200-Year-Old Town in Oregon

Interesting fact: it is also the earliest permanent American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Although established in 1811, this ancient town was incorporated in 1876.

The town has a surface area of 9.95 square miles, with water accounting for around one-third of it. Astoria is located on the Columbia River, which connects to the Pacific Ocean. The town has a population of approximately 10,000.

A History of Astoria

Astoria’s history is fascinating. People have been living in this area for thousands of years. The Clatsop tribe of Native Americans lived on this land. European settlers initially arrived in this section of Oregon in the nineteenth century.

Explore the 200-Year-Old Town in Oregon

Interestingly, the Lewis and Clark Expedition stayed near modern-day Astoria in Fort Clatsop. The settlement of Astoria started with a fort. In 1811, John Jacob Astor sent fur traders to modern-day Astoria, where a trading center was swiftly established.

Did you know that Astoria is also the title of a popular book? Washington Irving, a well-known nineteenth-century writer, wrote Astoria; Or, Anecdotes of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains. John Jacob Astor requested this work, which took Washington Irving several months to produce. This book was so famous that it was required reading in several schools around the time Irving died.

Fur trading was a major industry in Astoria, but it was not the only one. Canning was also a prominent sector, but most canning companies stopped in the 1970s due to the Pacific salmon population’s decline.

Things to Do in Astoria

Although not as popular as Portland, Astoria is nonetheless a great place to visit with plenty to see. For example, the town hosts several annual events, such as the Fisher Poets Gathering. During this gathering, fishermen visit Astoria to perform songs, poems, and stories about fishing and the sea.

Explore the 200-Year-Old Town in Oregon

The Dark Arts Festival is another unusual annual event in Astoria. Thousands of people from across the state come to see the beautiful dancing, exciting music, blacksmithing, and glassblowing.

Astoria is also home to numerous historic homes, buildings, and museums. The Columbia River Maritime Museum is a very popular attraction.

Explore the 200-Year-Old Town in Oregon

While you’re here, you can also visit the Flavel House Museum. Captain George Flavel previously owned this mansion. It’s a beautiful Victorian home constructed in 1885. The Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is also located in Astoria, near the mouth of the Columbia River. The park was founded on May 29, 1958. It was once known as the Fort Clatsop National Memorial.


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