6 Least Stressed States in the US Ranked

In today’s hectic┬ásociety, it’s easy to believe that everyone and everything is stressed out, but as William Russell points out, there are beautiful tranquil corners where tension is nothing more than a distant memory.

These low-stress states in the United States are excellent choices for individuals wishing to visit or maybe relocate somewhere relaxing. If you have a strong desire to travel and are willing to board a plane in quest of relaxation, you can also look for the world’s happiest cities.


The stress score is 3.79/10

While spring is certainly one of the best times to see Nebraska’s gorgeous landscapes, you can’t go wrong at any time of year. This rugged and breathtakingly beautiful state is home to numerous national parks, numerous hiking routes, and vibrant cities like Omaha, where you can immerse yourself in the fun of the Midwest.

  • Cost of living: $1,868.
  • Top cities and towns include Omaha, La Vista, and Lincoln.
  • Places to Find Your Happiness: Chimney Rock, Nebraska National Forest, and Smith Falls


The stress score is 3.79/10

Minnesota is a northern paradise nestled on Lake Superior, the largest Great Lake, and boasts breathtaking scenery. Minnesota is an ideal spot to relax, with seasonal outdoor activities ranging from ice fishing in the winter to camping and hiking in the summer.

  • Cost of living: $2,256.
  • Top cities and towns include Plymouth, Medina, and St. Paul.
  • Places to Find Your Happiness: Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls, and National Eagle Center.


Its stress score is 3.76/10

If you want gorgeous hiking trails and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, Oregon is the place to be. There are also numerous golf courses, charming small villages to explore, and a booming cuisine culture that caters to all tastes.

  • Cost of living: $2,366.
  • Top Cities and Towns: Eugene, Portland, and Hood River.
  • Places to Find Your Happiness: Multnomah Falls, Crater Lake National Park, and Lost Lake


Its stress score is 3.44/10

The region of enormous waves and lush, beautiful nature is one of the least stressful places on earth. Whether you choose to island hop and go tropical trekking or spend your time on or beneath the waters, you can find plenty of peace of mind in this island state.

  • Cost of living: $2,726.
  • Hawaii’s top cities and towns are Honolulu, Kailua, and Kaneohe. Visit Mauna Kea Volcano, Diamond Head, and Waimea Canyon to find happiness.


The stress score is 3.35/10

Maine is a one-of-a-kind state with a metropolitan metropolis and charming, underappreciated rural villages. In this northern state on the Atlantic Ocean, you may taste delicious meals and have a relaxing experience along its extensive coastline, which is lined with picturesque lighthouses.

  • Cost of living: $2,175.
  • Top cities and towns include Bar Harbor, Portland, and Camden.
  • Places to Find Your Happiness: Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park.


Its stress score is 3.29/10

The state with the lowest stress level is Washington, a lovely Pacific Coast paradise with an abundance of nature and world-class cities such as Seattle. You’ll get a dose of Vitamin Sea and a choice of peaks to ascend.

  • Cost of living: $2,555.
  • Top cities and towns include Yakima, Port Angeles, and Seattle.
  • Places to Find Your Happiness: Mount Rainier and Deception Pass


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