Explore the Poorest Town in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and communities. Nashville is renowned for its country music scene. Memphis is known for its outstanding BBQ and jazz music. According to the United States Census, the average household income in Tennessee was $58,516.

Unfortunately, there are several municipalities in Tennessee that reduce this amount. This is not a Tennessee-specific principle; it applies to all states. Before we get into the poorest town, here’s a list of the five cities with the highest poverty rates.

The Top Five Poorest Cities in Tennessee

Even though Tennessee has several different cities, we’ll focus on the worst one for this essay. Regardless, it is necessary to analyze and recognize Tennessee’s poorest cities. Here is the date that breaks down Tennessee’s five poorest cities.

City Name% Individuals Below the Poverty Line# of Individuals Below the Poverty Line# of Employed Individuals Below the Poverty LineMedian Household Income
Union City31%3,097596$28,580

What is the poorest town in Tennessee?

Explore the Poorest Town in Tennessee

Jamestown has Tennessee’s lowest median household income. This little hamlet has around 2,000 residents, with an average annual household income of $18,000. Breaking it down, that works out to $1,500 per month, $360 per week, $72 per day, and $9 per hour. This is based on the legally required five-day, eight-hour work week with two weeks vacation.

The average income is $18,000, which is 69.24% less than the $58,516 average income seen in Tennessee. 46.7% of citizens live in poverty, compared to 14.3% of inhabitants in Tennessee overall. Despite its status as Tennessee’s poorest city, Jamestown has a fascinating past.

What is the history of Jamestown, Tennessee?

Jamestown was founded in 1823 and named after statesman James Fentress. It became its own city in 1837, and the father of a well-known author lived there. Mark Twain’s father, John Clemens, spent a significant amount of time at Jamestown before moving to Missouri.

The elder Clemens served as the town’s first circuit court clerk and helped design the first jail and courthouse. The village includes a commemorative spring named the Mark Twain Spring, which was the source of water for his father while he lived there. The area was also extensively involved in the Civil War, with resources virtually evenly distributed between both sides. This is due to the location of Jamestown.

Where is Jamestown on a map?

Explore the Poorest Town in Tennessee

If you were looking for Jamestown on a map, you’d want to search in the northern section of Tennessee. The town is roughly evenly split between Nashville and Knoxville, where the University of Tennessee is located. The Cumberland Plateau, as well as numerous creeks, rivers, and lakes, make up the surrounding landscape. Jamestown is also one of the farthest east places still covered by the Central Time Zone.

In fact, if you drive 90 miles to Knoxville, you’ll enter the Eastern Time Zone. Except for September, October, and November, Jamestown has a highly humid climate with an average monthly rainfall of about 5 inches. It only snows a few days a year, making it an ideal outdoor area.

What’s the crime rate in Jamestown like?

Explore the Poorest Town in Tennessee

According to SecurityGuage, Jamestown sees only four violent crimes and 26 property offenses each year. In terms of safety, Jamestown scores in the 30th percentile of all towns in the United States. Given the poverty rate and low household income, that figure isn’t as severe as many people would believe. People still care about one another, which is common in most small towns.

Jamestown, despite being the poorest town in Tennessee, has a lot to be proud of. The town cares about lifting one another up and doing its best. There are several examples of breathtaking outdoor scenery and wildlife. Being affiliated with Mark Twain in any capacity immediately grants you cool points. Jamestown has always strived to improve itself, and this will not change.


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