This Place in Florida Receives the Highest Rainfall Every Year

Florida has two seasons—wet and dry—in its humid subtropical environment. The state’s wet season is from May–October and dry from November–April. Wet seasons provide high humidity, heavy rain, and scorching temperatures. However, the dry season has lower humidity and cooler temperatures.

Florida’s humidity is high due to its proximity to the equator and the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. In winter, Florida is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and in summer, 80-90.

This article reveals Florida’s wettest spot.

Which Florida location is the wettest?

Florida’s wettest spot is Garcon Point, with 67.69 inches of rain annually.

Small western Florida Panhandle town Garcon Point. It has stunning scenery and a rich culture. It has 1.89 sq. mi. of land and 0.05 sq. mi. of water. The city has 522 residents. Tourists and residents visit Garcon Point on East Bay and Pensacola Bay. It has outdoor activities, historical sites, and cultural events.

Florida’s Rainiest Place on a Map?

Hwy 281 winds south via the Garcon Point Bridge to connect Gulf Breeze, Florida to Garcon Point in Escambia Bay east of Pensacola. East of Garcon Point is Blackwater Bay.

History of Garcon Point

This Place in Florida Receives the Highest Rainfall Every Year

From ancient Native American sites to today’s town, Garcon Point has a rich history.

Early History: Muscogee Creek and Pensacola tribes settled Garcon Point initially. These Native Americans resided in East Bay and Pensacola Bay for millennia. Fishing, hunting, and trading with other tribes. European settlers in the late 16th century displaced them.

Construction of Garcon Point Bridge

In the mid-20th century, the Florida Department of Transportation began building a new East Bay bridge from Garcon Point to Pensacola. Later named Garcon Point Bridge, it was finished in 1999. It expanded tourism and economic development.

Local Economic Impact of Garcon Point

Garcon Point has long boosted the local economy. Initially, the town relied on fishing, farming, and timber collection. Tourism and real estate development have driven economic expansion in recent decades. The bridge has also made commutes between Garcon Point and Pensacola easier, creating jobs and population expansion.

Environment and Geography

A unique position, Garcon Point has magnificent natural beauty and strategic economic advantages. Florida’s Santa Rosa County peninsula juts into East Bay at Garcon Point. Pensacola and Milton commuters benefit from the community’s location. Garcon Point’s flat, sandy terrain is typical of the Gulf Coast.

Weather and Climate: Most of the year, Garcon Point has warm temperatures and considerable humidity.

Rainfall and Temperature: The usual winter and summer temperatures at Garcon Point are mid-60s and mid-80s. Heatwaves and cold snaps occur occasionally. The average annual rainfall is 60 inches, with summer being the wettest.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are regular in the area, making Garcon Point vulnerable to storm surges and flooding. The rainiest place in Florida is no stranger to storms.

Development and Economy

Garcon Point’s economy includes tourism, fishing, and agriculture. Tourism is a significant sector in Garcon Point. Natural beauty, historic attractions, and outdoor activities draw visitors. Popular activities include fishing, boating, hiking, and birdwatching. Campgrounds, RV parks, motels, and vacation rentals are nearby.

Agriculture and Fishing

Garcon Point’s farming and aquaculture past is rich. Several commercial fishing businesses and blueberry, pecan, and citrus plantations are in the region. Popular catches include oysters, shrimp, and fish, making the local fishing business vital.


Garcon Point has developed rapidly, especially in residential and commercial construction. New shopping centers, office buildings, and housing developments have been erected. However, this development may harm the area’s natural resources and wildlife habitats.

Job Market

Garcon Point offers jobs in healthcare, education, and retail. Many small companies and startups in the neighborhood sell local and sustainable goods and services.

Future Growth

Growth and development at Garcon Point raise concerns about its natural resources and quality of life. Sustainable development and carbon emission reduction are being promoted to balance economic growth and environmental conservation. Education and workforce development are also promoted. This will give residents the skills and training they need for a changing economy.


A dynamic and expanding town, Garcon Point has a rich history, diversified culture, and magnificent natural environment. As it grows, the area presents difficulties and opportunities.

Despite these obstacles, Garcon Point is a vibrant destination to live, work, and visit. With its strong community, devotion to innovation and advancement, and stunning surroundings, it’s little wonder so many people are drawn to this particular location.


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