New York’s Biggest Landholder Owns 112000 Acres of Land

New York covers 54,555 square miles of the United States, which is approximately 34,915,200 acres. Several areas of that vast acreage are privately held, including Molpus Woodlands Group. This company, which has only been in business for a few years, is well-known for its forestry and agricultural preservation initiatives.

However, thanks to the efforts of their founder, they decided to acquire many pieces of property throughout the country in order to conserve and maintain it. Learn more about New York’s largest landowner below.

Molpus Woodlands Group: The largest landowners in New York

Molpus Woodland Group, based in Mississippi, is the largest landowner in New York. Dick Molpus created this corporation in 1996, immediately following his loss in the Mississippi governor’s election.

This corporation advocates sustainable forestry practices, which is why it decided to purchase so much property. After purchasing the land, they develop community partnerships to safeguard local ecosystems and raise awareness about the need to care for the country’s woods.

After the first year, the company acquired its first client. However, the majority of the following few years were devoted to acquiring territory in the south. Their continuing efforts to expand and acquire more acreage propelled them to become the largest timberland investment group in the southern United States in 2004.

Which parts of New York does the Molpus Woodlands Group own?

The Adirondack forest comprises the majority of Molpus Woodlands Group’s landholdings in New York. However, this forest is not limited to New York. Instead, it spreads over New Hampshire as well. Though the forest in New York is 112,000 acres, the firm owns a 240,000-acre chunk of the Adirondack Timberlands outside of the northern state.

As of 2014, the Molpus Woodlands Group held over 1.6 million acres in the United States. Despite being the largest landowner in New York, this Mississippi-based corporation owns land in several states.

What land does the Molpus Woodland Group own outside of New York?

Though 112,000 acres is a lot, Molpus Woodland Group’s distinction as New York’s largest landowner extends beyond the state. Since the Adirondacks extended into New Hampshire, Molpus Woodland Group has owned around 240,000 acres of the same forest within the state’s borders.

Although Minnesota may appear to be a long way away, this corporation is the state’s largest landowner, with 286,000 acres. They announced the upcoming purchase in 2012, although the corporation also made many other transactions at the time. These purchases granted them 138,000 acres in Idaho, 573,000 in Oregon, and 264,000 in Washington.

In 2015, this corporation bought 192,000 acres in southwest Louisiana. The area spans six counties, with much of it coming from a southern pine plantation property. In 2022, Molpus Woodlands Group purchased further land in Louisiana, expanding into eastern Texas and adding 117,000 acres to its administration.


Molpus Woodlands Group, founded by Dick Molpus in 1996, is New York’s largest landowner, primarily holding 112,000 acres in the Adirondack forest. Beyond New York, the corporation owns extensive lands in states like Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Louisiana, emphasizing sustainable forestry and conservation efforts across its diverse properties.


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