Only These 2 US Presidents were Born in Vermont Towns

There have been 45 US presidents. It is one of the hardest occupations in the world and requires considerable fortitude to succeed. Some were amazing, others were not. They’re from across the US. There have been five New York presidents and one Nebraska president. Vermont has only two natives.

Find out where Vermont’s only two presidents were born. Also, some facts about both presidents and their presidencies.

Arthur Chester

Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st US president from 1881 to 1885. He was born October 5, 1829, in Fairfield, VT. He spent a few years in Fairfield before the family moved again to the Northeast. Arthur’s family moved to Schenectady after years.

Arthur began teaching but later became a lawyer and was admitted to the New York Bar. He relocated to NYC to practice law. His political career began after the Civil War. Arthur was the Port of New York Collector for seven years before becoming New York Republican Party Chairman. He then ran as James Garfield’s running mate in the 1880 election and won Vice President.

Arthur only served for six months because President Garfield was shot in July and died from wounds and infection in September. He was sworn in on September 19, 1881, and served until 1885. Arthur, 57, died in New York City on November 18, 1886.

Arthur Presidency

Chester Arthur did many things as president. Let’s examine his presidency’s notable legislation.

  • Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act, banning Chinese immigrants for 10 years.
  • Followed the 1882 Immigration Act and tightened immigration laws.
  • The 1883 Tariff cut tariffs.
  • Signed the 1883 Pendleton Public Service Reform Act, which guaranteed merit-based appointments for public officers.

About Fairfield, VT

Franklin County has Fairfield, VT. The 2,000-person town is situated in northwestern Vermont near Canada. Maple syrup is made in the town’s woodlands, while its hills are farmed.

Calvin Coolidge

John Calvin Coolidge was the 30th US president from 1923 to 1929. He was born in Plymouth, VT, July 4, 1872. After growing up in Vermont, Coolidge attended Amherst College in Massachusetts for college. Moving to Northampton, MA, he became a lawyer.

After serving as Northampton’s City Solicitor, Calvin Coolidge ran for the Massachusetts State Legislature. After becoming Northampton mayor, he was in the Massachusetts Senate. Later, he became Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and Governor in 1919. He served two years before becoming Warren G. Harding’s 1920 running partner. He became Vice President after winning.

He became president after Warren G. Harding tragically died of a heart attack in June 1923. Coolidge ran for reelection in 1924 and served another four years. Retirement brought him and Grace back to Massachusetts in 1928. At 60, Calvin Coolidge died in Northampton, MA, on January 5, 1933.

Coolidge Presidency

Calvin Coolidge did many things as president. Let’s examine his presidency’s notable legislation.

  • Coolidge signed 1924’s Indian Citizenship Act. This gave all Native Americans citizenship.
  • He oversaw the Roaring Twenties, an era of economic prosperity.
  • Signed the 1926 Revenue Act, which lowered American taxes.

About Plymouth, VT

Windsor County has Plymouth, VT. Home to the Coolidge Homestead, it has 641 residents. President Coolidge’s father ran a business with a post office. Plymouth Cheese, invented by John Coolidge, is still made.


The only Vermont-born presidents were Chester Alan Arthur and Calvin Coolidge. They were the 21st and 30th presidents. Both men’s legacies include accomplishments and failures. In historical rankings, both men consistently rank middle. However, Arthur and Coolidge shaped American politics for a generation.

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