This is the Highest Point in Michigan

Michigan is one of the largest states in the United States, both in population and in area. Michigan, which borders Canada and is along the Great Lakes, has thousands of miles of coastline. This midwestern state is made up of two different peninsulas separated only by the Straits of Mackinac.

The Lower Peninsula is significantly flatter and lower-lying than the Upper Peninsula, which is mountainous. But how high is Michigan’s highest peak, and where is it?

We’ll see that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is very different from its Lower Peninsula. We’ll discover exactly where Michigan’s mountains are and how tall they grow. We’ll also look at what activities visitors may do near Michigan’s highest point. Finally, we’ll discuss the five highest spots in the state and where to find them.

Michigan’s highest point

Mount Arvon, at a height of 1,979 feet, is Michigan’s highest point. The mountain is situated in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the midst of a densely forested, ancient terrain. Mount Arvon, the highest mountain in both the state and the Huron Mountains, is a prominent feature of Baraga County.

It is just a few miles east of L’Anse, a lovely village located on Lake Superior’s L’Anse Bay. In reality, much of the western Upper Peninsula is rocky and harsh.

Mount Arvon is not placed in a national forest or a national park. In truth, this popular Michigan destination is privately owned. Fortunately, this does not impede with visitors’ ability to reach the peak and enjoy the views.

Is Mount Arvon indeed the highest point?

This is the Highest Point in Michigan

Surprisingly, the highest point in Michigan has not always been considered the highest point in Michigan. Does this sound strange? Well, the story may not be as fascinating as you might expect. It begins with Mount Curwood, which, when first surveyed, was only one foot taller than Mount Arvon. However, a subsequent poll, conducted in 1982, indicated that the initial survey was incorrect. Mount Arvon is one foot taller than Mount Curwood. So, has Mount Arvon been the state’s highest point since 1982, or not?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Mount Arvon is no longer Michigan’s highest point. Instead, that title goes to a pile of tailings (mine byproducts) at the Tilden Mine. The mine is located just east of Mount Arvon, and it can be seen for miles around. However, Mount Arvon remains Michigan’s highest peak when only natural features are considered.

Where is Mount Arvon on a Map?

Mount Arvon is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, USA. To get there by car, follow County Road 510 from L’Anse and then turn onto Skanee Road. From there, follow the signs to Mount Arvon. The mountain is located in Baraga County, with GPS coordinates of 46°44′38″N 88°08′35″W.

Mount Arvon is located in the northern region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, near Lake Superior. It is bordered by lush trees and provides beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors who want to explore this distant spot should plan ahead of time and bring enough supplies, as services in this area may be restricted.

Michigan’s Five Highest Points

Mount Arvon, which stands at 1,979 feet, is Michigan’s highest point. But what about the other mountain peaks in this low-lying state? Michigan may not have as many high points as the Rocky Mountains, but it does have a few more.

Mount Curwood is officially Michigan’s second-highest mountain, at 1,978 feet. Summit Mountain is the third highest, rising 1,873 feet above sea level. Underwood Hill, which stands at 1,870 feet, is Michigan’s fourth tallest mountain. Finally, Sheridan Hill ranks fifth, with an elevation of 1,837 feet.


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