New Restaurant in Johnson City, Tennessee That Locals Can Get Enough of

If you happened to drive by East Tennessee State University in the summer of 2023, your attention would have been captivated by the old Bojangles building surrounded by construction. This familiar site was undergoing a significant makeover, emerging as one of Johnson City’s newest and most exciting restaurants – Biscuit Doodle.

Meet Alex Bomba: The Culinary Mastermind

Behind the scenes of Biscuit Doodle is the talented Alex Bomba, a culinary enthusiast who discovered his flair for creating delectable dishes in the kitchen. His journey began at Main Street Cafe in Jonesborough, owned by his in-laws, and expanded to include the Winsor Speakeasy in Johnson City. The pandemic sparked inventive ideas, including Bomba’s unique delivery method for his homemade bacon – a culinary masterpiece that has become a highlight at Biscuit Doodle.

New Restaurant in Johnson City, Tennessee That Locals Can Get Enough of

Biscuit Doodle’s Culinary Adventure: A Menu Overview

Step into Biscuit Doodle, a restaurant that combines the charm of “fast casual” with the quick and satisfying appeal of classic Southern breakfast items. The menu features an array of mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches, each incorporating Bomba’s renowned homemade bacon.

The Kitchen Sink sandwich, a delightful concoction of fried chicken, eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, and cheddar between buttery biscuits, stands out as a testament to the restaurant’s innovative culinary approach.

The Biscuit Doodle Experience: From Remodeling to Mascot

The restaurant’s remodeling retained the old drive-thru window, ensuring a convenient way for patrons to pick up their orders.

Notably, the name “Biscuit Doodle” finds its inspiration in Bomba’s dog, Mosley, a charming Goldendoodle who has become the eatery’s beloved mascot. The vibrant and colorful ambiance of Biscuit Doodle invites friends and family to gather around and indulge in the buttery delights that have quickly become a local favorite.

Johnson City’s Breakfast Gem

Biscuit Doodle in Johnson City, Tennessee, not only satisfies breakfast cravings but also adds a lively spot to the city’s culinary landscape. For those unconvinced about breakfast delicacies, this downtown loft serves as an enticing introduction to the town’s charm. Explore Johnson City, stay awhile, and experience the unique joy that Biscuit Doodle brings to breakfast enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.


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