Wisely Decide Before Moving to The Filthiest City in Oklahoma

What city is so filthy that you feel compelled to leave and shower? Many states are easy to identify, while some are more difficult. One such state is Oklahoma. We’ll go on a tour to the filthiest city in Oklahoma, delving deep into the filth to find out what makes it so awful.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma is well-known as a tornado-prone state, with regular and unexpected devastation. Despite the perils of the weather, Oklahoma City is home to a large population. More than one million people live within the city’s boundaries.

When large, crowded cities are examined, they are consistently shown to be significantly dirtier than tiny villages. Oklahoma City is been ranked as one of the top 10 dirtiest cities in the country. The city’s most recent ranking was 9 out of 150 other significant cities, which does not bode well for individuals considering a move there.

Wisely Decide Before Moving to The Filthiest City in Oklahoma

Several factors have contributed to the city’s continued status as one of the filthiest in Oklahoma. As previously stated, it is a metropolis with over a million residents, which means there is a lot of rubbish and people doing things they shouldn’t, such as throwing trash out the windows of their cars.

Another major candidate is water quality, which is impacted by oil refinery giants and other operations. Drug use, unemployment, and homelessness are all quite high, which can all contribute to the problem. The crime rate is likewise high, which contributes to the city’s reputation for filthiness.

It can also be measured in terms of economic worth, which looks to be quite low. Let’s take a look at who or what the primary challengers are for sustaining the filth level. Some might come as a surprise.

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Who is to Blame for the Filthiest City in Oklahoma?

Wisely Decide Before Moving to The Filthiest City in Oklahoma

First, we have Oklahoma’s largest energy firms. Chesapeake, Devon, and Continental Energy are all among the top ten worst firms for greenhouse gas emissions. They were detected leaking methane and CO2 in 2019. Each organization claimed to be unaware of the substantial leaks and promised to fix the problem.

Next up is Tinker Air Force Base’s Soldier Creek/Building 3001. The Soldier Creek facility was determined to be in serious violation of EPA regulations. The structure houses airplane rebuilding and refurbishment facilities. It, of course, requires the use of vast quantities of industrial-strength solvents. The land and groundwater became contaminated as a result of the solvents’ improper disposal.

The carcinogen trichloroethylene was utilized at the Eagle Industries Superfund site in Midwest City, where oxygen and fire extinguishers were inspected and repaired. It was being spilled on the ground at times, so everyone within a half-mile radius had to get their water tested.

Finally, in late 2023, a road crew struck a crude oil pipeline, spilling 88,000 gallons of oil along the bluff creek. This was the worst oil spill in the area in ten years, necessitating extensive cleanup efforts. They’re no strangers to oil spills.

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Solutions Required to Address This Problem

Wisely Decide Before Moving to The Filthiest City in Oklahoma
  • Community Clean-Up Initiatives: Organize regular community clean-up events involving local residents, businesses, and community organizations and establish partnerships with local schools, civic groups, and businesses to encourage participation in these initiatives.
  • Enhanced Waste Management Systems: Invest in improved waste collection and disposal infrastructure, ensuring that there are an adequate number of trash bins placed strategically throughout the city. Additionally, implement public awareness campaigns to educate residents about proper waste disposal and recycling practices.
  • Beautification Projects: Initiate beautification projects to enhance public spaces, such as parks, streets, and public buildings. You can also encourage local artists to contribute to street art and murals, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the community.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Launch public awareness campaigns focusing on the importance of cleanliness, waste reduction, and environmental conservation. Also you can utilize various media channels, including social media, to disseminate information and engage the community in adopting sustainable practices.
  • Investment in Green Spaces: Increase the number and quality of green spaces in the city to provide residents with recreational areas and improve overall aesthetics. Plant more trees along streets and in public areas to enhance the urban environment and contribute to air quality improvement.
  • Stricter Enforcement of Anti-Littering Laws: Strengthen enforcement of anti-littering laws by imposing fines and penalties for violations. Increase the presence of law enforcement and community patrols to deter littering and other forms of environmental degradation.

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Implementing these solutions requires collaboration among local government, businesses, community organizations, and residents. By fostering a sense of responsibility and pride in the community, Oklahoma City can work towards creating a cleaner, more attractive urban environment for everyone. Continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms can help assess the effectiveness of these initiatives and guide further improvements in the city’s cleanliness.


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