Brutal Attack Captured on Camera as a Woman is Violently Beaten With a Bat and Robbed

Chicago police are now investigating a violent assault and robbery on the Northwest Side.

The victim was strolling around 11 a.m. Monday on Linder Avenue near West Montrose Avenue when she was targeted by criminals in a dark-colored vehicle, according to CCTV evidence. The automobile drew up in front of her, and two men emerged, wielding what appeared to be baseball bats. They forced her to the ground.

Eyewitness Christian Zajac described the victim’s suffering, saying, “What I heard from the lady, she was clutching her bag and they were beating her with the bat. She let go because she was terrified. She was unsure whether they had a gun or not. She didn’t want to take any risks beyond that.

Zajac, who was working on construction nearby, immediately called 911 after hearing the victim’s screams. He and his coworkers assisted the victim, who spoke Polish, in contacting the police.

According to Zajac, the woman suffered minor injuries, including cuts on her ear and a small limp. The assailants left with her handbag, wallet, and cards.

Mercedes Cordreanu of Elite Physique Fitness Studio said that her freshly installed surveillance cameras filmed the attack. She took preemptive precautions by advising her clients to be cautious when in the neighborhood.

The Chicago Police Department urges anyone with information about the event to come forward and help with the investigation.

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