Explore 9 Most Risky and Dangerous Jobs in Florida

Any work can cause accidents. You could get hit by an automobile while crossing the street to work. Die of a heart attack in your office chair. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, often resulting in deaths. The Sunshine State has several of these jobs. Here are Florida’s most dangerous vocations.


Transportation is Florida’s most risky employment. Truckers cause most deaths. Fatigue, drunk driving, and speeding cause accidents. In 2021, 80 Florida transportation workers died. But drivers aren’t solely responsible. Employers sometimes force people to drive longer than federal law allows. Additionally, they may neglect vehicle upkeep and inspections.

Explore 9 Most Risky and Dangerous Jobs in Florida


Unfortunately, Florida’s second-most risky job is construction. In 2021, 69 Florida construction workers died. Four types of construction accidents kill roughly 60% of industry workers. Among them:

  • Caught in equipment or cave-in
  • Falling from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, and the same level.
  • Electric shock from above or subsurface power lines.
  • Being hit by falling things.

Sadly, employer-provided training can prevent most of these accidents. Many of these workers lacked safety gear including hard hats and harnesses.

Building, Grounds, and Maintenance Jobs

Groundskeepers also risk death on the job. According to the BLS, 44 grounds and maintenance workers died on the job in 2021. Transportation events, falls, traumatic exposures to dangerous surroundings and substances, and contact with objects and equipment caused most of these deaths.

Explore 9 Most Risky and Dangerous Jobs in Florida

Setup and Fix

Workers in the installation and repair industries risk fatal workplace injuries. For instance, heating and cooling system installers and repairmen face the risks of excessive machinery temperatures. Slipping and falling causes many fatalities. Industrial machining can be harmful. Working with mechanical moving parts and dangerous tools can cause life-threatening injuries.

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Fire, Police, EMT Protection

Protective services like police, fire, and EMTs are perilous. Criminals in Florida put police at risk daily. Firefighters enter burning structures and risk smoke inhalation. Additionally, EMTs risk getting deadly diseases or viruses. 19 Florida protective service workers died in 2021.


Explore 9 Most Risky and Dangerous Jobs in Florida

Even skilled roofers can fall. There are various roofing hazards that can kill. No matter the weather, anything can happen up there, so take the most precautions. Did you know 34% of roofing accidents kill? Trips over equipment and ladder falls are major reasons roofers go off the roof.

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Safety is a major industrial risk. Many production processes use hazardous materials or equipment. Workplace injuries and deaths are common without sufficient safety training and standards. Employers are liable for injuries on their property, thus personnel must be properly trained and have reliable safety equipment. In 2021, 12 production workers died, making it Florida’s ninth most dangerous job.

Explore 9 Most Risky and Dangerous Jobs in Florida


Painting may seem relaxing, but it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in Florida and the globe. Painters face various deadly situations:

  • Falls – High-up painters must use ladders or ledges. They must also handle diverse materials in this position. Many painters fall from ladders, scaffolding, and other lofty areas when painting walls or ceilings, causing damage or death.
  • Paint, thinners, and brush cleansers are hazardous when inhaled by painters. These substances can cause serious illnesses and death if exposed too much.


Sales is one of Florida’s most risky jobs. First, many salespeople drive a lot. Sale-related deaths are often caused by car accidents. Sales representatives meet more people and have a higher possibility of meeting. Although rare, sales agents are more likely to be murdered.


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