Father of an Innocent Woman Murdered Rejects Justice: “Jail is Too Good” for the Heartless Gang

The father of an innocent woman killed in a gang shooting is relieved that 13 alleged gang members are now in jail.

Princess Aura Tolliver, 31, was slain in January 2023 when a Sanford gang opened fire on her and her friends’ vehicle as they left a rap performance, according to NBC station WESH.

Deputies believe the incident arose from an internet rivalry between two well-known rappers.

Following the incident, Seminole County deputies crashed into one of the suspect’s automobiles, according to dashcam video.

Father of an Innocent Woman Murdered Rejects Justice: "Jail is Too Good" for the Heartless Gang

“Someone puts it out there on the internet, and I see my daughter dead on a sprinter van on the internet,” her father Edward Tolliver told WESH. “That’s just hard man.”

Tolliver expressed relief that the members are no longer on the streets, stating that he has been waiting for justice.

“Jail’s too good of a place for them,” Tolliver continued.

According to WESH, Seminole County deputies believe the group was targeting rapper Jackboy, who was performing in Sanford that evening. Jackboy was feuding with South Florida rapper Kodak Black, and officials suspected the group was seeking to get street credit for his death.

“Now my daughter is dead because of this stupid gun activity and the racketeering and selling of drugs,” Tolliver was quoted as saying by WESH. “She was just having a good time and now she’s dead.”

Deputies are still seeking Trevor Law, 25, who was also engaged in the shooting and is believed to be a gang member.

“While these arrests do not bring your daughter back, I hope you’re able to find some solace in knowing the suspects’ fate is now in the hands of the justice system,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said that 13 people are now in custody and have been charged with murder and racketeering. They are being held without a bond.

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